Friday, February 21, 2014

Week 4 from Elder Nick Olsen

Hello Parents!
I suppose I will just cut to the chase and tell you everything. Yes I have to wear dirty clothes sometimes haha you can wash clothes whenever you want but sometimes I dont want to because I only have to wash rec clothes so I dont. But ANYWAY the food is much better here I think. Its like real Brazilian food, the people that make it are hired like not members and sometimes its gross and weird but like today we had these meat kabobs and it was good. The CTM is one big building with different dorms and classes on each floor and a gym outside and thats pretty much it. SUPER confining, the Provo CTM was a dang mansion seriously. Today we get to go outside and Im pretty excited to go around the city and buy some things that I dont really need. I apologize for the punctuation and the one big paragraph but my enter button doesnt work haha. The biggest change is that you have to fsl (fala sua lingua (speak your language)) sempre (always) because a majority of the people here dont speak English. The first day I was talking to a teacher, or at least trying to, and then I was like "fala ingles?" and he was like nooooo haha it was crazy. But there are almost no Americans here, everyone is from Brazil or South America somewhere. The brazilieros are really nice, they like to talk to us and help us speak the language and most of them know some English words so you dont just come to an impass. Sometimes it is really frustrating because I just miss speaking English, not that im like unwilling to change but it was just so much easier. Seriously, its no wonder that babies block out the first part of their lives (idk if thats even a thing bt i would believe it because its traumatizing haha). But my Portuguese is coming along I think. My comps are Jackson and Greene. Jackson is good but his Portuguese isnt as good as mine bc hes been here one week less than me. So thats my story, its nice here, a little bit dirty and ghetto but thats exactly what I expected. I cant send pics though sorry.
       Love you both!      Love,      Elder Nick Olsen

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