Friday, February 28, 2014

Elder Nicholas Olsen Week 5

Dear Mom and Dad,
Hello again from the shadows of the everlasting jungle!
One thing I even wrote down in my planner to tell you about because it's so important is thumbs up. In the CTM (idk about the rest of Brazil) you always thumbs up people. "Tudo bem?" with a thumbs up. Sempre. I basically just walk around with both thumbs up.
So this week we were supposed to have a devotional from Elder Soares, but it turned out he had to do something else. Oh well. But anyway PDay is super cool. After this we will go out into the city (kinda the city) and we can go to shops and try to talk to people or whatever. Only for a few hours. So we found this place last time, actually our teacher told us about it, that makes these things called pastels? Basically fried crepes with like nutella and strawberries or meat and cheese... come to think about it it's basically crepes haha but better! And all the shops are like open air and stuff like you would expect it's cool.
In other news, your other son and I are now companions! 2 Elders from our district had to go back home for stuff, so now it's Elder Jackson, Elder Olsen and I all together. We haven't taught an "investigator" yet, so that will be interesting! I'm excited! But it's been a sad week because of them leaving, just the three of us is chato. BUT we're getting new sisters tonight from Provo, so that's exciting. Also apparently now all missionaries that get reassigned have to come back here for 2 weeks before they go out again, so I think there are gonna be like 20 today or something.
Carnival is not really a big deal here. Apparently in Rio and more north than that like Recife and Salvador etc its a big deal, but here and Goiania and stuff its nbd. My branch president told me Goiania has the most beautiful girls in Brazil... Boa sorte! haha.
So the other day we had this lesson with our investigator Miriam (this was Elders Jackson and Green and I). And we were trying to help her with the word of wisdom, because she had trouble with smoking. And Jackson and I were both giving our testimonies and sharing some scriptures and stuff and then I thought I felt the spirit there but sometimes its hard to really know if they feel it you know? But then Miriam (who is actually our instructor acting ) started crying! Not sobbing just like some tears but I was like wow its definitely here you know? Which is cool because they always keep saying like you don't have to have the language perfect but you can still bring the Spirit and I guess you really can.
The MTC is really hard for me, it's hard for everyone I guess. But whenever I get discouraged, I try to think about all the people praying for me, individually and all the missionaries, every day. And also I read Alma 26:27: "Quando nosso coração se achava seprimendo e estávamos para voltar, eis que o Senhor nos confortou e disse: Ide para o meio de vossos irmãos, os lamanitas, e suportai com paciência vossas, aflições; e eu farei com que tenhais êxito." Pretty neat!
Anyways, love you all and I hope you're happy and safe. Almost Spring Break, time flies neh? Its been a month!
Elder Olsen

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