Friday, February 21, 2014

Week 4 from Elder Eric Olsen

Hey everyone!
I just want to start out by apologizing for my bad typing today. Its hard to type on a portuguese keyboard!
Brazil is so legal. (cool in portuguese) Its like florida, except times 100. Everybody speaks Portuguese, but luckily everybody speaks a tiny bit of english. When I got of the plane here, I had a conversation with a woman about where I was going, and how long I had been in the MTC, etc. In Portuguese! WHAT! It really affirmed that my work was paying off, even if just in the smallest degree.
The days here are much like those in Uah - you have time to teach your teacher-investigators, class time, devotionals on Tuesdays and Sundays, and a lot of study time. I am at the point where I can teach a lesson on most gospel topics, so thats good! Unfortunately it takes me about 5 seconds in between each word to figure out how to conjugate all the verbs and whatnot. My companion, Elder Miles, can understand anything that anybody says EVER. His speaking is not as good though, especially on gospel topics. It is odd to me that in Utah we spent so much time of church vocabulary and here they learn more about just talking to people.
Nick and I are in the same district. Its hard not to compare my progress to his, haha! It seems like I know more words by a little, but he is better at speaking sentences easily. I am not worried. We will both get it.
Apparently next week we go out proselyting! Wow. They send us out with a few Books of Mormon and let us have at it! I can already tell you my most used phrase will be- a little slower, please! Haha but it is exciting.
I know dad will want to know - the food is good most days! But some days, extremely questionable. Mystery meat is common. And desserts often consist of jello or pudding type stuff,.. But over all I like it better than Provo!
Also, its hot enough to where we open the windows at night. So we can see over the monstrous gate that surrounds the CTM here in Sao Paolo and look out at the run down buildings while the sun paints a beautiful tangerine-scarlet sunrise in the morning. Wow. I AM IN BRAZIL!

Also, we went to the temple today. Most beautiful temple I have ever seen! I miss the woods and nature of Michigan though. And the US in general. I guess its just because we are in one of the biggest cities in the world.. Ill be in Vitoria in 3 short weeks though!
I love you. Keep on keepin on. And praying for me. Prayers are much needed!

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