Friday, February 28, 2014

Elder Eric Olsen week 5

So a lot has happened since last week. Starting with last Wednesday! For Preparation Day we went out into the city and walked through the stores and such. It was really fun! AND we talked to a real life Brazileiro in a candy store! ...yeah I was in a candy store, typical Eric - I know. But it was really exciting! We went to a bakery and a drug store - by the way, everybody here uses spray deoderant... not my style.
I hate writing these emails because I feel like I should have way more to say! We just have class every day. Yesterday we had a substitute teacher who served in Vitoria. He described it as SO BATISMO! Which means ONLY BAPTISMS! Haha but apparently it doesnt baptize nearly as many people as the Amazon missions. Thats okay though - I am where I need to be.
My companion went home Monday. As did one of Nicks. They had things they needed to go home for - it isnt important. BUT now we are in a trio. Just the three of us in our district! Weird. Tonight we are receiving two sisters. One is just getting here from Provo, and she has only been there for a week. I hope she doesnt slow us down too much haha, but I know we will have a good opportunity to help her! I am excited.
Tomorrow we have to get fingerprinted by the Federal Police. I guess we are sketchy. All Americans have to at some point though!
By the way mom, your letter got here but it was put in the wrong box. We know its here becasue the mail sorter told us, but we havent gotten it yet.. Ugh!
Sorry to hear about your cold weather. Its like 95 here, if that puts a different spin on it at all. Keep warm! Ill keep on wearing my short sleeves! Love you all!
Elder Eric Christian Olsen

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