Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 3 Elder Eric Olsen

Ola from Brasil!
We have 10 minutes to email, so here goes!
The flight was killer. I didn't hardly sleep at all, but it is nice to finally be on the ground. and scary. AND this is a Portuguese keyboard so it is quite intimidating.
When we got off the plane, somebody asked me about my mission in Portuguese. She said my Portuguese was muito bom! But I still am not confident, it takes me so long to figure out what I want to say. It is really interesting. And people here come mostly from Spanish speaking countries, so if you want to communicate you must use Portuguese! Muito dificil.
Geez I still feel like I am drowning all over again! Moving to a new MTC is like starting all over again. There are a lot more rules here. BUT I heard that after 3 weeks they send you out to a train station with 6 books of Mormon and let you go at it! ...yikes.
It is really beautiful. The heat and humidity remind me of Florida. Also, P day was today, but Nick and I didnt get to participate because we had orientation. So you wont get a real email for another week.
My companion isn't really into speaking Portuguese all the time. Hopefully he will come around. Nick and I are in the same district but we have different companions. It is really intimidating that the teachers and everybody else only speaks Portuguese all the time.. Hope everything is well in the states!
sending warm thoughts your way,
Elder Eric Christian Olsen

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