Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 1 from Elder Eric Olsen

Ola!  I'm here and safe at the MTC! I've never had days be so long and full of highs and lows. Sometimes I feel like I'm on top of the world (usually right before I fall asleep...) and other times I can't do everything that I need to. If I wasn't on the Lord's errand, with His assistance, I would be home already.

I'm in a threesome companionship. Elder Carpenter I met once at BYU; he's from Colorado. He's such a good example. He always thanks everyone for their service - including cafeteria workers that get paid! Elder Westover is from Kentucky. He is good at Portuguese already. He's always popping out random words!

Portuguese is so hard. We taught our first lesson to a Portuguese investigator of the Church - or pesquisador en Portugues - YESTERDAY. THE SECOND DAY OF BEING HERE. It was discouraging, but we are much more confident in our abilities now. We teach him again today; his name is Anderson. I feel like I should be treasuring up the words of Christ always, but I've taking to treasuring up the verbs of Portuguese more often... I know I can learn this language, but it is so difficult.

I have been assigned as the District Leader for my group of missionaries. There are only five of us - one companionship besides my own. Everyone gets along well. I think part of it is just because we are all scared out of our wits! Also, everyone else in my district is headed to the Sao Paolo West Mission. I haven't met anybody else that is going to Vitoria!

Also I ran into Nick. I see him about once a day. He is the district leader for his district as well. His preparation day is on Tuesday.

I know so much has happened in these past few days but I can't think of anything else. It's just a blur of Portuguese, Book of Mormon, desperate prayer, and frenzied excitement. I love our time in the gym. They have weights to use, and I'm able to think about Portuguese. I tried to upload a picture of my companionship, but this computer won't let me... I'll send it next week. Also I get to go to the temple today!

Some of the elders in my zone were reassigned today because their visas didn't come through. They are going to Atlanta, Mesa Arizona, and Indianapolis. Still no word on mine.

Pray for me por favor. And my companions. We need assistance. And send more letters! In the words of Elder Carpenter, "Letters are the lifeblood that keep us alive!"

I love you. Thanks for your support.

Elder Eric Christian Olsen

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