Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 3 Elder Nick Olsen

Dear Parents Olsen,
I only have a few minutes to write you so sorry if this is short. The flight was long as heck and I sat next to a lady who was a member and a guy who only spoke french--go figure. Now I am at the CTM and there are a ton of Brazilieros. Everyone speaks Portuguese, because some are Brazilieros and some are Americanos and some are from the rest of South America and so the only way to communicate is through port. I just planned with my new companions, Elder Green and Elder Jackson. It seems to me that I know a lot more gospel portuguese but they are better at conversational things and understanding since there are so many that speak it here. Sao Paolo is pretty, but it is really spread out so as far as Ive seen there isnt one big part of the city. PS sorry for the terrible punctuation, but Portuguese keyboards aren't fun. It's nice and sunny here so that's good. I feel really overwhelmed just because of the sheer amount of Portuguese being spoken, a lot of people don't even know english at all. So I'm glad I got the chance to learn enough to kind of get me by before I got here. Unfortunately today was our districts P day, so I'll have to wait another week, but i think I can do laundry any time. Hopefully the Lord will help me get through this. And I'm sure he will. But apparently there are Brazilieros even in my bedroom with us, so I can't even relax there!
In any case I'm here safe and have all my bags. Talk to you asap
Much Love,
Elder Nick Olsen

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