Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You could say it was a slow week. We ended up climbing the hill on Saturday, and it was super hot. So I apologize for being ridiculously sweaty in this picture. And it was kinda dangerous haha but it was really worth it! You could see the whole city and the whole ocean, and it was a fun thing to do together before Elder Garcia goes away. I will miss him a lot.

And I made cinnamon rolls! They turned out good, not great. I just don't have the baker woman's touch, mom. But I ended up having to get up at 5 to make them, so that they could rise, and then rise again, etc. I felt like dad on thanksgiving day, haha!

We have very few investigators, and it's looking pretty bleak - this week was difficult because we were preparing things for the transfer. We will probably have to come in tomorrow, as well. :/ but a woman stopped me on the street, and told me she had lived for 10 years in Florida, and that she wants to go to church with us! So we will see how that goes. We are also still working with Luiz Felipe, the boyfriend of a member, but he is a little nervous about the lifestyle change. Pray for him to have courage!

Also one day this week I got super upset. I always tell my investigators that when they feel the urge to do something wrong, they need to pray and ask for help. And so instead of fighting or voicing my anger or anything, I took my own advice. It was really interesting - as I prayed, the Lord changed my thoughts. He helped me to understand my situation - why and how it had happened, and how I could react. I had been REALLY riled up, but He calmed me down. It was one more testimony for me that as we submit ourselves to the Lord and are humble, he can change us - our words, our thoughts, and ultimately our actions.

Shout out to Francisco Zeballos - I know you are reading this!

Elder Capawana is going home this week, together with a bunch of people that I love... Elder Knudson also, who helped me out a ton when I first got here to the mission... I will miss them. Each transfer it gets a little harder to see people go home! Next transfer Elder Johnson will go home too.... AGH. I hate saying goodbye!

I know the Lord lives and directs this work. This week we showed a few of the videos on lds.org to an investigator, and we could see (and feel) the spirit working in her, helping her to realize that she can come even closer to Christ! The Lord truly ddirects this work.

uma ótima semana,

Elder Eric Olsen
Climbing the hill

Welcome to..........

But yes, I was transferred. We got the call yesterday, looks like Joe B. (Elder Bennion) and I will be going together to another area in the center of Uberlândia! I am pretty excited. This area was really hard, but I learned a lot. I hope I accomplished what the Lord wanted me to do here in Parque do Sabiá. To be honest, though, I kinda knew that I would be transferred. I mean, they told me I had to shut down the house and terminate the contract... so it was pretty obvious haha.

This week is sad though, because one of my great friends Elder Brooks is going away. I'm happy for him though, hes been trunky ever since November! hahah!

I am learning every day to love Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon more. Before the mission, I just had a consequential testimony of Joseph Smith, because I believed in the BoM. But really, he was such a great man! And we obviously don't worship him, only Jesus Christ. But to believe in Christ we HAVE to believe in him as a prophet, seeing as he was the first prophet of this glorious and last dispensation! haha I am learning a lot from my comp as you can see.

BUT that's pretty much all, it has been a slow week. This week we are gonna work que nem loucos!!!!!!!!!! I love yall!


Elder Nicholas Olsen

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