Thursday, May 7, 2015


That's right, there's dengue about! haha but dont worry I am protected. But there are a few missionaries that have it!

It has been quite a week! It started out with getting all of the stuff closed up at my old house, calling a moving truck and everything, and hauling all of our furniture and whatnot to the new house. We now live with Elders Avinte and Nascimento, 2 Brasilians. They are good guys, and our ward is really cool! The first day we asked for a meeting with the bishop, which he gladly provided, and spoke English with us (he served in New Jersey), and gave us a bunch of people to visit, AND offered to let us use skype in his house! So I think I'll be doing it around 4 or so. Then we set about working, with some successes and some failures, and doing what missionaries do. But I am really excited about this area, I feel like I might be here for a while.

I had an interesting thought, mom, for your talk. Which also goes along with what dad said to me about home. We shared a message the other day about Helaman 5:12, how Jesus Christ is the "rock" on which we have to build our foundation. You could compare it to a home or to a light to follow, but when we center our lives on Jesus Christ, it is something bigger than music that we love, or a certain place, or even our friends and family. Because when we have the relationship with God sufficient that we can kneel down and talk to Him in any place, any place can become our home. That being said, Uberlândia is home-ISH to me, but its not HOME home :) haha

Questions: Yes mom the house that I closed was pretty yuck... it had been in the mission for 15 years haha. Today I will make churrasco (!!!!!!) and kick a ball around.  Also that SUCKS that they cut down the live oak tree (in our old yard in Tallahassee), when I go back to visit I will give them a piece of my mind!

I love you guys! also I'm happy that everyone likes Janeen :) I'm excited to meet her!

Much Love,

Elder Nick Olsen

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