Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My week was marked by the scriptures. I realized, the other day, that Preach My Gospel encourages us to think about what we study each morning throughout the day - that way, we can be like Nephi and "continually ponder up the things which [we] have seen and heard". I made an effort to do that - I chose a few scriptures to try to memorize, and tried to remind myself to think on them throughout the day. Among them were D&C 101:36, Matthew 10:39, D&C 58:4, and I think one more that I don't remember..... shows how much success I am having in memorization...! But it has been really good. Elder Scott taught that each hymn or scripture that we memorize is like a new friend that is always with us - and I need as many friends as possible!

We made a special effort this week to get out of the office and find new people to teach; despite our efforts, we have seen a lack of enthusiasm from those around us. We did meet a street artist last night, Vitor, who said that he will go to church with us on Sunday! He said that he does his art to help people and to express himself - haha it was pretty deep stuff.
He lives on the tippy top of the hill. We also met a woman named Nanashara - no, that is not a normal Brazilian name! - and she was pretty open to what we had to say. She said she had had some bad experiences in churches before, so we are counting on the healing power of the Savior's Atonement to help her feel better and change her mind about church!

Very cool, Phil, that you are working with real cases now! I guess all that Law and Order is paying off, huh? No just kidding, I know that you are working super hard, and I am proud of you!

Alllsoooooooooooo we have a missionary that is pretty sick,... she's been to 2 different specialists and they don't know what is wrong with her. And it is pretty much our responsibility to take care of her...! So keep her in your prayers.

And don't forget to say your prayers, for real! And try to memorize a scripture this week - One more friend for you to get to know! :) have a great week!

Elder Olsen

ps we got rained on quite a bit this week.. especially when we were wearing our suits

Wassup family!!

This week was eventful and uneventful. We had a zone conference on Friday, so on Wednesday the APs called us and were like "oh yeah btw, y'all have to do a training for 1 hour."


Haha I have never seen or done a training ever that was more than 30 minutes... But we ended up doing one for about 40 minutes and it was all good. Also we got interviewed by Presidente Kuceki which was good. It's kinda weird, having seen him all the time when i was in the office and now its only once in a blue moon. But he is a great man, and it was good to be able to chat for a little bit with him.

Now I'm just trying to make it through this last week with Elder Bennion, he'll be going home in about 10 days. I have really liked being his comp, were really similar and he's a great guy. Plus he loves basketball so he always updates me on the series. GO CAVS!!! haha. But anyway it's not that he's trunky, but you can just see that he is getting a little teeny bit tired. It'll be great though!

Also we got out family to go to church this week! All the members were impressed haha and they liked church a lot. It's cool because it's 2 parents and 2 kids but they're both adults, and they're all really smart. The kids are both actually studying law!

Speaking of law dude that is so awesome... Phil Olsen, or should I say Jack McCoy. Haha but so are you defending the guy? I guess you can't really be McCoy then.

But anyway, I love y'all! I hope y'all have a great week and remember that our Savior is our great example, and that He lives!


Elder Nicholas Olsen

ps sorry about pics but it still isnt working :(

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