Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dear family!

I am pleased to report that I am going to train a new secretary next transfer. WOOOOOOOOOOO! I have loved the office, but I am ready to get out and teach some people. A good friend once told me that he loves his mission, because he can meet new people, make new friends, and help them come closer to his hero, Jesus Christ. I am excited to do that more frequently! We actually haven't left the office to proselyte at all this week - too much business to take care of in the office. Needless to say, I am excited for a change of pace. ........but I can't say who I will train yet. It is still a secret!

In other news, the Sister that was having so many health difficulties went home. But it was for the best. She'll be able to get the help she needs there, and then she can come back out!

It has been a sad week for me, because Elder Johnson is going home on Tuesday. He has been such a good example of humility for me, and he always really shows love in his work. He wants to have a lot of success, but he never let that get in the way of loving people and doing what would be best for them. I've lived with him for 6 months now... I'll miss him!

I have made a concentrated effort to be seeing the Lord's hand in my life. I remember when I got a journal, I think 6 years ago, and y'all had pasted in it a talk from President Eyring. He couselled to always write of miracles and blessings etc., and to never go a day without writing how you saw His divine hand in your life. I ALWAYS remember that talk,.. but I never follow it! This week, I read Bishop Caussé's talk from this last conference, where he advocates the same practice. I resolved to do the same, and have sincerily felt a greater peace of mind and heart each night as I sit down to write. It is good to realize how the Lord cares for us each day.

OH also we found a giant mouse/rat in our house and killed it. Shout out to Elder Carvalho, who hit it so many times with a broom that it didn't have a chance!

uma ótima semana pra todos!

Elder E Christian Olsen
(Man of God, Man of Steel) haha
Elder Eric Olsen, Elder Carvalho and Sister Ulfeldt at church


Welcome to.......UBERLÂNDIA!!! But yes I actually WAS transferred! to the neighboring area Patrimônio, we even share the same church building haha. But I will be Zone Leader with......... ELDER SALES!!! Pouquíssimas vezes that you get to be comps 2 seperate times with a missionary, but I have done it twice now, with Elder Silva and Elder Sales! I love these dang Paulistas hahah. 

But this week was pretty uneventful and super eventful. Elder Bennion's last week, so we just tried to finish out strong. Unfortunately one of our golden families dumped us off, but I have hope that eventually they will realize they need this gospel. The worst part is that it was for the dumbest thing: their Sundays are really busy! I was like then cancel your activities! haha but we really did work hard. 

Last night I said to him "okay were gonna knock doors for the last time, do you wanna take a pic or something?" jokingly. But he liked the idea, so we went around trying to teach and regardless if they wanted to hear or not, we asked to take a pic haha so we got a last knocking doors pic. But shout out to Elder Bennion, he was one of the most kind and generous missionaries I know, and a great example to me.

Now I will be moving forward, new area, new comp... have yall noticed that for the pst 3 transfers I have only stayed in the area 1 transfer? I'm beginning to think that I'm a problem missionary! haha

I had a super spiritual experience at church though. I spent the whole week studying up on the atonement, there is so much to learn about Christ's sacrifice. And then when I went to take the sacrament, I read in Luke when he instituted it. And I just realizes, idk it just hit me like the Spirit sometimes does, how important the sacrament is. That it represents His blood which was shed for us. Idk, whenever you try to explain the Spirit its impossible haha. But I gained a stronger testimony of the Atonement and the importance of the sacrament.

But I love yall, thank you for your prayers and everything yall do for me.

Much love,

Elder Nick Olsen

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