Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Training and working hard

The weeks are kind of dragging on as I train Elder McDown. It's like being condemned to death - you know that it's coming, but for now you are just waiting. Not that I don't want to leave, but it gets a little dull - Elder McDown learns really quickly, and so I teach him what to do and then sit back and watch! It is not the most exciting time of my mission, I can tell you that. But it's been a blessing - I have been able to slow down, think, ponder, pray, and count my blessings. Sometimes it is good to just stop, think, and thank.

We took 8 people to the federal police this week - IT WAS A MESS. But nobody got deported, and everybody is legal now! And afterwards we had a churrasco for everyone at our house. It was a ton of work, but all the Elders were happy to have a change of pace.

I also did quite a few splits with the assistants this week - actually, I went each time with Elder Gingrich. He taught me a bunch, and really made me excited to go out and teach. We had a few lessons that the Spirit was really strong, and found quite a few people that accepted us really well. It was nice to get out and inspire people! We also taught a woman from Chile that spoke straight Spanish, and we understood her. It was a miracle haha!

That's about all I got. Like I said, it was a slow week. The Lord has blessed us with quite a few people to teach, and McDown has a lot of fire to find more! It's a real blessing to have him here. I know the Church is true, and that Jesus wants us to follow Him. He invites us all, with arms wide open to receive us. He is our Savior and King.

Here's a shirt you don't see every day on a Mormon missionary ha ha.

Elder Eric Olsen


Well I'll have to be quick today! Unfortunately, the Presidente changed our time for doing email from 90 minutes to just 60 so that's not a lot of time and a lot to do.

BUT good news! Yesterday when we went to church we sat in sacrament meeting behind our investigator Karol and she turned to us and said "Good news for you two... I decided that I will get baptized on the 20th!" WOOH we were so happy. And also a couple of investigators Valtair and Marlene, who have been to church almost a month now, decided to get married! WOOH! so E. Sales and I are pretty excited. 

Other than that there is not too much to tell. We're just working hard! Don't worry about me, every prayer that y'all say on my behalf or kind word to somebody I think is paid back to me, because I am happy and the ward is great here.

Love you all, 

Elder Nick Olsen

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