Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tiago McDown: THE NEW EXECUTIVE SECRETARY. That's right - in just 5 short weeks I will be back in the street, never more to be pale, chubby, and spending time in the air conditioning! I am super excited - the more I think about it, the more I want to go somewhere that's really out there in the country. ...I'll probably regret thinking that later..! Elder McDown is a great guy though - he is from Texas, and his mom is Brazilian. Even though he has only been here for 4 months, and didn't speak fluent Portuguese before coming to the mission, he speaks really really well. We will have a lot of fun together.

The transfer was super stressful, but nobody got lost, left behind, or switched out incorrectly, so I count it as a success. I was pretty sad to see some great friends and examples go home, but it just gave me a greater desire to make the last 6 months count. There is a new assistant, Elder Perez, and Elder Johnson finally went home :( But now there are four Americans in our house, and probably too much English being spoken...! Poor Elder Carvalho. But he will learn English with us, so we are actually helping him out!

I studied a lot about the Holy Ghost this week. I studied what His role is, why He is important, how to invite Him into our lives, etc. And I saw His influence much more frequently as I learned about Him - I felt more connected and more sensitive to his whisperings. I'll just give a quick example - although the week has been full of them! - as we were working the other night, I felt as if we should go visit a member of the church that lives close to where we were working. When she came to the door, we saw that she was limping - it turns out that she had had an accident, and was needing a priesthood blessing. It was amazing to be able to serve.

Other than that, the week has been pretty normal. We are getting out to work a lot more, so that has been a great blessing. I dont realize how much I love teaching and testifying until I get out to do it - we are truly most happy when we serve others! 

SO THAT'S IT. much love from Vitória!

Elder E Olsen


Well it has been quite a week people..!

It's always a trip when you move areas, I'm having to get to know everything again, all the members and the map, it's a good thing that I'm with Elder Sales, at least I already know him! We wanted to add a little spice to our missionary life, so we decided to REALLY work out in the morning work out time and start doing a diet. A lot of boiled sweet potatos... haha but its fun! 

This week we worked really hard. We are making some progress with 2 moças, daughters of some recent converts. They just have been really pushed away from the church by their dad who doesn't live with them. But were trying really hard to get them to pray and help them feel their responses come from the Spirit. Danielle and Carol, pray for them!

So I have a quick question for mom and dad... Bertha the groundhog is like a groundhog that lives at our house? lol because the first time y'all mentioned her I thought y'all meant the one that sees his shadow, but now I'm confused. haha.

BUT i love y'all, thanks always for your prayers and support! have a good week!


Elder Nick Olsen

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