Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WOW this week was EXHAUSTING!!

This week was the last week to find new people to be baptized this month, so we set out to work. Elder Bennion and I marked 11 baptismal dates! It was amazing! And our whole zone was going great! Unfortunately, the enemy was at work as well, because almost nobody went to church. It's a problem that's happening in our whole mission. People say they'll go, they make a compromisso, but then on Sunday they're always "tired" or "stayed out late" or "forgot". A ton of excuses. So its something that were struggling a lot with, but we will find a solution.

But we had a really cool experience this week too. After a few days of huge success, we had one that was really really slow. Nobody was listening, we taught a few lessons but nothing had come of it. And we went to one address that we had and the little daughter said that her parents had gone out. So we went to another appointment (fell through) and came back. And when we came back the mom was there with her 2 daughters, she received us, listened to us, and we showed the video of the Restoration. The spirit was so strong! I felt like we were on the District, those little training videos that they give us, haha! They didnt go to church, but were not giving up on them yet!

But in other news, my comp is great, I guess Uncle David talked to his parents a few weeka ago because he's from Logan too. And they said you did a great job, dad. We have been making a ton of pancakes and french toast, idk why haha its just like our thing! there is no maple syrup here but we just use sweetened condensed milk instead, lol.

I was a little bit decepcionado yesterday because of the people that didnt go, because of all the work that we had done. But my trainer called me and we talked for a while, and he said something about a talk he heard that said "do you have the faith to not be healed?" they always ask if we have faith to be healed, but if we aren't, will we still have faith? And I am happy to say that I do! I still know that Jesus lives and that God is our loving Father. And I'm grateful for that testimony.

BUT that's about all I have to report! I hope that you all are happy and have a good week :)

Much Love,

ELder Nicholas Olsen

ps idk what the prob is in this lan house but its not letting me send pics :(

Shout out to Stan for the performance on Sunday. Bravo! I was able to watch it with a family from our ward - actually, the dad is 70 emeritus! - and they loved it as well. What a miracle that I was able to see your new haircut and hear your golden voice from a million miles away! President Young also expressed his admiration and appreciation for the performance.

As for the conference, I was amazed with the inspired messages of the Lord's servants. I love Elder Eyring's talk, as always. It didn't really fit in with the theme of the conference, but he has a way of speaking that captures my imagination. I also loved Elder Nelson and Elder Pearson. How blessed we are to have living prophets on the earth today! 

Vitória's baptism went well. Her mother and sister came to watch, and although it took Jonas a couple tries to get the prayer right, he did a wonderful job of performing the ordinance. Baptism is such a sacred thing, and seeing somebody make covenants with God is heart warming. We are also working with the boyfriend of one of the members here, Luiz Felipe. He reminds Elder Garcia of himself, because he was also introduced to the church by his girlfriend. Anyway we had a great lesson with him this week - it is so much better to work with members! - and he seems pretty excited to learn more. He was run over by a semi truck, and survived. Without a doubt, God saved him for a reason!

Other than that, this week was difficult. We spent the majority of our time in the street looking for new people interested to learn about the Savior, and ran into quite a few sad situations. Drug users, unstructured and strife-ridden families,... I was able to seriously reflect on the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly, I have been so blessed with the family and faithful parents and life that I have.

Party on this week! And when I say party on, I mean read the scriptures, say your prayers, go to church tomorrow, and show love for somebody who needs it!

Elder E Olsen

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