Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This week I had a revelation. And when I say I had a revelation, I mean that President told me a secret. He said "Elder Olsen, I can't imagine anyone else as the Executive Secretary. You're going to stay next transfer." But SHHH! It is a secret still! Anyway, looks like I will be here the next transfer, and then MAYBE train a new secretary in the other transfer,... I will be here in the office until at least the middle of July!

Last week I was a little discouraged, because many of the people here that become members of the church fall away after a short time. Like Lehi taught, they "fall away into dark paths and are lost". I had pondered on what I can do to help these people stay firm in enjoying the rights, benefits, and blessings that come from partaking regularly of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then last Monday, we were invited over to Debora's house. She is a young woman that was baptized in January. We had a great evening, shared a message about prayer, and she was really happy to see us. She always goes to church. She wasn't much to study before joining the church, but now has decided that she wants to become an Aeromoça! aka flight attendant. The gospel blesses us in more ways than just spiritually.

Also, on Sunday, I saw Antônia for the first time in a couple months. She joined the church in November. She had beein travelling in Rio de Janeiro, and I thought that she would just forget about the church - not that she doesn't love the church, but that it is not always our first priority when we travel! (although, it should be.) However, she came up to me and showed me pictures of the church in Rio! She had searched it out, and been to sacrament meeting each Sunday. What a wonderful example! 

I had my testimony strengthened of prayer this week - one day I prayed to find my camera charger (which I found in a place I KNOW I had looked!), to have a letter (which I got - thanks Emily!), and for our lost Argentine missionary to be found (long story,... but he was found), and all of my prayers were responded in the very hour. 

I have found that in order to appreciate your situation, you need to recognize and be grateful for the little things that make it marvelous. Answered prayers, loving recent converts, and the blessing of being able to share the gospel with all those around me make my life a miracle and a blessing.

I guess a lot of things happened this week. Yesterday we went to a historical celebration of the Church in Vitória. President Young bore beautiful testimony on the eternal nature of families. I imagine that it would be similar to that spoken by President Eyring in Rome.

Cherish the little things! and pray, for the Lord will hear you. I know He lives, and loves us too! The Spirit whispers this to me, and tells me it is true. 

uma boa semana pra todos!

Elder Eric Olsen

the hill we are going to climb today

at the celebration of the church in Vitória

the same

thumbs up

No real e-mail from Nick this week.

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