Thursday, March 5, 2015

first week of March

I have been noticing a trend in my brother's email: He always says it is really hot. But I know for a FACT that it is hotter where I am than he is, so... yeah. I won't even explain how much I sweated this week. Let's just say I think I lost 5 kilos just from sweating so much!

Unfortunately, the week was not an exciting one. The best news is that we have 2 baptisms for Sunday: Leo and Natch! I don't know how to spell Natch's name, actually. In English it sounds like Nach, but in Portuguese it could be spelled Nat, Nate, Nath, Natch,... in any case, they are super excited to follow Jesus Christ. They live waayyyyyy up on top of a hill, but it is worth the trek to see their smiling faces. 

Also, today Eric will be baptized! No, not me. My name is Elder. Duh. Eric is the son of Eliane, who I taught and baptized with Elder Cervantes in Vila Velha. Anyway after 6 months she is still going strong (she is a Relief Society teacher! How cool is that!) and her son turned 8 this past week. So today I got permission to head down there and watch the baptism. WOOHOOO! Next stop: The temple! 

The only other thing of note happened yesterday, when Elder Diaz, a new Argentinian misisonary, and I went to register him with the federal police. Turns out that he is illegal.  ...but it's not my fault! He came to the mission without proper documentation. And the experts in São Paulo told me to just go ahead with it. I ended up really really embarassed, and I learned a lot about having patience with myself and others. It was NOT a good time! and he is still illegal. hopefully we get it sorted out!

I watched the Mormon Tab Choir video of "He is Risen" about 1000000 times this week. Yeah, all those views were mine! But I really love one part in the video, where it shows a woman at the arrival of Christ in Jerusalem that can't contain her joy:
Inline image 1
I hope that when the Savior makes His triumphant return to the Earth, that I be as this woman: Unable to contain my smile. Brimming with joy at the triumph of the Master, Jesus Christ, over death and hell. He is Risen! What glorious truth! I am honored to be his representative and His servant here on the Earth. I love Him, and am indescribably overjoyed at the reality of His "vitória" over the grave. 

Que possamos lembrar dele essa semana, e mostrar o amor Dele para todo mundo!

Elder Eric Olsen
This week was... well to be honest it was kind of forgettable! Between keeping up with my district and my financial obligations and trying (unsuccessfully, i might add haha) to find the elect, I don't even have time to write in my journal, let alone take pics! It is rough!

BUT something great happened. We had a multi zone conference this week with President Kuceki after President had gone to a mission president conference in São Paulo. (also Pres. Kuceki said that he talked to Pres. Young and they decided that they would arrange for me and Eric to go home on the same flight WOOOOOOH!!) He decided to do something that Pres. Costa had done, the president of the Brasil area. So we all opened up 3 Nephi 17 and he read it to us, at times pausing or explaining something to us better. And by the end the Spirit was so strong, it was amazing. It seems to me that when I feel the Spirit, the air seems to thicken, to turn into a nice mousse de maracujá. Haha but sem brincadeira, the spirit was so strong, and after the closing prayer instead of everyone getting up and starting to converse, everyone just kind of stayed there in their seats quietly, trying to get a snapshot of that moment in their mind. Trying to carry that spirit with them for the rest of the day, or the week, or remember it for a lifetime. I know I will.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. No wicked man would write such a book as this, and no good man would write it, unless it were true and he were commanded of God to do so. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He lives. I wish I could carry that spirit with me forever! its things like that that keep me going.

I wish I could say more, but I'm just in the correria this week. I love you guys!


Elder Nicholas Olsen

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