Thursday, March 12, 2015

New glasses for Eric and an upcoming transfer for Nick

SOOOOOO this week was pretty normal. I know where I am going next transfer!!! But I can't tell yall yet... next week I will.

Our house life is really exciting nowadays, because Elder Sales got a guitar. So I have been learning some Brasilian songs and stuff, just messing around (if you wanna hear one that I like look up "Brincando comigo" by seu cuca). So that has added some flavor to the secretaries' house, haha.

Also I received the packages this week! See in the foto

Last PDay we went to this Mexican restaurant. It was good to have a change, but idk... It didn't really have that same flair that I am used to. What I really want is Phil to make me some mahi mahi with stuffed zucchini... wow.

Yeah but to be honest, it's just kinda weird these days, we are all just waiting for the transfer haha. We did mark a baptismal date with this man, Dalvanilo, for this Saturday. But when we went to teach him, his wife was there for the first time, and she made it plain that she did not approve of this "sect". Nevertheless, Dalvanilo stayed strong in his conviction ("salvação é individual, vou batizar no sábado"), but on Sunday when we called him his wife answered and said that he wasn't going. I just felt so bad, because I know that he believed and that he wanted to go, but wasn't able to. I guess in the end everyone has their agency, but I have hope that one day he will be able to return to what he knew was true.

Knowing the transfer is really weird for me, because I know that there will be a lot of change in my life. But as I meditated on that after finding out where I will go, I had the same feeling that mom and dad described about the temple. The gospel is the same, it is our rock. God and His Son are always there for us, if we seek them in honest prayer. The scriptures are given us to guide us in all things. So even if everything in the world changes, the true gospel will never change. There is absolute truth on the earth.

I love you guys! Thanks for all your support, help, and prayers.

Elder Nicholas Olsen

guarana black (we cant drink coke here, but we can drink guarana black which is like fake coke haha!)

So..... One baptism happened ,the other didnt. Turns out that Eliane's son, Erick, hasn't been batpized yet. There was a miscommunication about the planning of his baptism, and so it was remarked for the 14th. I don't know if I'll be able to go, but I am glad that he will still have the opportunity to make this covenant. It was pretty sad - we went all the way to the chapel to see, and nobody had been notified. We decided to mark it for the 14th, and Erick went home crying because he was so sad! But it will work out.

On the other hand, Leo and Natch were baptized! When we got to the chapel on Sunday, we learned that the whole building was lacking water. Uhh.... we got pretty stressed out! We thankfully found a member who was able to take us all to the next closest chapel, about 20 minutes away, where the missionaries had already filled up the font for us! Nothing can stop the Lord's work.

Dad, since you want to know about how I get to the office: We live about 5 minutes away from the office on foot, so we always just walk. We do our studies at home, and then walk (on a paved road, unfortunately not a dusty one) past a slew of peixarias, past a few chique expensive restaurants, and past a guy that is always selling popsicles, and go up to the 15th floor of the Edifício Enseada Office where we work. 

Also, I got my glasses this week!

But that's about it. I am thankful to know that God is conscious of our personal situations - that he knows how we feel, and hears and answers our prayers. All it takes is a little faith and a little humility, and He can help us out with anything that troubles us. I know it.

Elder Olsen

new glasses

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