Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Welcome to.....

UBERLÂNDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes my peeps, I will be going to Uberlândia to divide the zone and open up the new one. My companion will be Elder Joe Bennion, I think he said he knows my cousin John Edwards from high school. But Elder Bennion is basically the giant of the mission, practically 6 foot 6, y'all will see on my next email haha with pics.

BUT this time brings me to reflection about these past few transfers. I am really thankful to have had this opportunity to work in the office and learn so much and work close to President. No matter what anyone says, don't believe it: the secretaries work a lot! haha

Dad congratulations! I will be telling everyone here in Brasil that you'll perform, and I'll try my hardest to be able to watch too. So you can sleep sound knowing that your fanbase in South America is pretty big.

Unfortunately, I don't have much time to talk, but I am so thankful for your prayers and love. And I ask continued prayers as I leave my current assignment, companion, and area, and venture into the unknown. But I know that the Lord will protect me in my journeys.

 Have a good week!


Elder Nicholas Olsen

Dear family,

It was a slow week and literally almost nothing happened, but I love you guys so I will give you a little update:

We are teaching the cousin of a recent convert, and the recent convert has a hot dog stand that she makes a hot dog with mayo, ketchup, shredded carrots, beans, corn, hot dog, raisins, and like crushed potato chips. Sounds horrible but it is good!...... until you eat it for a week straight every day!  But the girl's name is Marina, and she believed in reincarnation, but she has progressed a lot and I think she will be baptized Sunday!

Also one of our investigators works in a pizzeria and gave us a pizza haha. We usually only work at night but we went to see them in the morning one day because she was working the whole week at night. So that was shweet!

The worst is not getting emails from anyone, ha ha, but I think that happens with everyone when they get to this point on the mission.

You can bet that I will talk to president about watching music and the spoken word on Easter morning! I don't know if he will let me, but its worth a shot. Actually, I don't even know if he gets BYU TV but I will talk to him. I would really love to hear you sing, dad. I was gonna sing a He is Risen solo in church but I can"t because Easter Sunday is Conference! 

But anyway that's about it. Love you guys. 

Elder Eric Olsen

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