Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Last transfer!

This week was hot. I think I will be saying that until the end of December... haha! This week was hot, just as all the others are! The good news is that we cooled it down with water - BAPTISMAL WATER! No but seriously, after our investigator Marcos was baptized, he dipped back down under the water to cool off from the heat! Thank goodness for água.

Other than Marcos' baptism, the week was pretty slow going. We had to travel to Vitória for a meeting, and since we live 9 hours from Vitória, it pretty much killed our week.

In other news, I stayed in Nanuque, so I will spend my last 6 weeks in the same state as Nicholas! Garcia will remain my companion, and we will total 9 months as companions - in Elder Garcia's words, in the time we will have been companions, somebody could have started and finished a pregnancy! I have been blessed to remain his companion; he is a wonderful example and friend to me.

This week I also learned that if you don't read the scriptures, you're in big trouble. I passed a few days without reading because of travel, and I ended up super irritated and not knowing why. When I read the scriptures, I calmed down noticeably. The scriptures have an unexplainable power; they truly are the words of Christ.

uma boa semana

Elder Olsen 


Well, here goes nothing. My last transfer!

I will be staying here in Uberlândia (!!! 9 months) for the last transfer with my comp Elder Sanchez. But I think it a fitting end, after all this time in this great city that has really become a part of me! So I'm excited.

This week we had a leadership meeting, now our goal for every month is 1000 street contact per missionary, talk to 1000 people! It's a lot, but hearing Pres. Kuceki's confidence in the miracles that will come gave me hope and faith that they really will. It was cool, he said "who knows? if you do contacts here maybe y'all will find someone from another city, in your own area." and as elder Sanchez and I did contacts in the middle of Goiânia, we found a member whose aunt lives in the very neighborhood that we live! It was a pretty impressive experience.

I hope that I can stay strong for these last few weeks! Because to be completely honest I am tired pra caramba hahaha, but I know that the Lord will strengthen me. A great testimony that I have gained on the mission is that as we draw close to Him he draws closer to us.

Love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Nick Olsen

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