Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The week was marked my fatigue and travel - we ended up only spending 1 full day in Nanuque! We spent some time in Vitória for the leadership meeting, and then ended up travelling to two different cities to conduct baptismal interviews. That being said, I don't have too much to report this week..... I could describe the inside of the bus that transported us, but I don't know if anyone is really interested to hear about it!

We were blessed to see the baptism of one of our investigators, Gení. She was adamant that she didn't need to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ to receive all the blessings that the Lord wants her to have; after much teaching and conversation the Spirit touched her heart, and she decided to enter into the waters of baptism. The biggest reward was to hear her describe the joy and purity that she felt after her baptism.

I know that the gospel is true, and that Jesus Christ is the only path by which we may find true happiness! boa semana!

Elder Eric Olsen



As últimas semanas... It's getting pretty rough! haha

This week we worked really hard, we are still trying to do street contacts with everyone we see--now we can't even knock doors! Not even if we want to! So you never really sit around doing nothing, there are always people around. But unfortunately, there are not very many great investigators that we've found yet.

One cool thing is that this week I saw a picture of my 1st baptism, Saymom, baptizing some kids! I think they were his cousins or something. But I am psyched because he's firme!

Brazil is pretty much ready for Christmas, despite the burning heat there are a ton of fake Christmas trees and decorations.

SO THAT'S PRETTY MUCH ALL! Don't worry I have already started buying a few presents :)

Much love,

ELder Nick Olsen

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