Thursday, October 22, 2015

NANUQUE! This week was wonderful. We are so blessed in this area to have local leaders that are super willing to sacrifice their time so that they can meet our investigators. We are working with a ton of families in which not all members of the family are members of the church, so a lot of our leaders are already familiar with the church members. We are starting the papers to marry 3 different couples this week. We are trying to work with families!!! It has been a great experience - it is really special to see the church members responding to their families' doubts.
When we teach people, we always open and close our visit with a prayer. Many times, our closing prayer is said on our knees. When we visited one of these families, we closed with a kneeling prayer. The next visit that we had with them, we invited the dad - whose name is Genival - to offer a prayer. Without us saying anything more, he got up off his chair and kneeled down to pray! It was really touching to see a grown man humble himself before God - not because we told him to, but because he knew that he needed to.

Also, this week it hit 113 degrees farenheit here. You could say it is hot. Take advantage of the cooling weather, because here we are suffering!

ALSO pray for rain, because we are needing it.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts - I know that God has heard our cries. He is blessing me beyond measure, and blessing Nanuque!

much love
Elder Olsen


WOW it's been quite a week, I'm super tired. But I guess at this point in the mission "the pains", as my old comp elder Bennion would say, start and you just have to deal with it haha.

I didn't get a scripture to ponderize last week, so I chose 2 corintios 5:17 which says (I'll do my best):  

Se alguém está em Cristo, nova criatura é; as coisas velhas já passaram, eis que tudo se fez novo.

I really loved this scripture when I saw it, especially thinking about and seeing how the gospel changes lives. One can become completely different through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. From neutral to positive, from lukewarm to hot, or from a person completely estranged from God to one who shares a close bond with Him. I have seen it, and, more importantly, felt it in my own life.

Elder Zeballos and I used to just feel joy sometimes and say "the gospel is just so great! Why would anybody not want it?" and I am sure that if everyone could feel the way I feel because of it, we would all follow this path.

This week was a lot of work, but we're doing out best. We have found a few people that really want to follow Christ so we have our work cut out for us.

Thank y'all for the prayers and support, love y'all!

Elder Nick Olsen

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