Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yesterday President Young came to Linhares. It is always such a blessing to see and hear from him - he taught the branch about the baptismal covenant - to mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those in need of comfort. ALSO Brian came to church in a shirt and tie!!!!!!!!!

This week, my companion and I tried a new strategy: work only with members! There is a member of the church that lives in our area - Marcelo - who was able to go out to visit people with us each day this week. What a difference it made! He really has an excitement and love for the gospel that shone as we taught with him. This week I felt satisfied. I knew that I had done all that I could do to serve the Lord - and, thanks to Marcelo, we were able to take a really wonderful family to church!

This family is composed of a mother and 6 little kids. The oldest is 15. Yesterday after church, we went to their house to watch the video of the Restoration with them - the one that shows how in the midst of many churches and religions, Jesus called a new prophet in Joseph Smith. We had left the same message with them earlier in the week, but we wanted to reinforce it with the video. As it arrived at the First Vision, when God and His Son appeared to Joseph, Lucas (7 years old) looked up at me and said "Deus está chamando o novo profeta!" (God is calling the new prophet!) The gospel is so simple, and so true - Even a little child can understand the need for a prophet of God on the Earth. I know that God calls prophets, and that He has not left us alone on the Earth. We can be guided by His Divine Hand, through His authorized servants. He loves us - I know that Christ lives, and that His church is on the earth today!

Elder Eric Olsen


Querida família,

It has been quite a week! I got to work with a new comp, Elder Conceição, and we went to a new neighborhood to work, so it has been a lot of stuff. Also, on Thursday, we moved to a bigger house! The house we were in was only big enough for 2 people, and with us 4 it was pretty messed up. But now we are in a cool apartment, and live across the hall from the old bishop here! He and his family have already helped us out a ton, they are a real blessing.

Other than that, it was pretty normal... One funny thing that happened: We were in a lesson with this lady and started to say a prayer. And right when my comp started (dear heavenly father..) she started yelling "omg!! omg!!" and I thought okay... its just another crazy person saying a prayer in their own way. But then she said "the chickens are escaping!!" and we had to spend 15 minutes chasing after some chickens that had escaped over the fence... haha.

But it was a pretty uneventful week. Thank you for your prayers and love! I love yall!

Elder Nick Olsen

pics: a mexican restaurant that we went this week (so good!)
dad and son (mission tour)

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