Wednesday, September 23, 2015

prayers and fasting

These past weeks I had been praying and fasting a lot for some specific investigators of ours - they were progressing a ton, but had a few barriers that were keeping them from receiving all the blessings that the restored gospel offers. Through fasting and prayer and daily visits, I thought that it would be possible to help them. We did literally everything that I could think of - we took members to teach with us, we watched videos, we read the Book of Mormon together... but things didn't come together as we hoped. 

Later, I read of David's reaction when his son fell sick. He knelt down and began a fast - he didn't even move from where he was kneeling. Despite his efforts and desires, the Lord took David's little child. 

I learned that sometimes, we think that we know better than God. We think that we can change His will. But everything will go according to His divine plan - which, in the case of a missionary, includes respecting the agency of each person to choose to follow Jesus Christ or not!

I know that Heavenly Father has a Divine Plan for each and every one of us, and that as we submit our will to His, we will find greater happiness and peace in every aspect of our lives. As we do what He would have us do, we will become more like the Savior. We will be blessed, and we will have the capacity to greatly bless those around us.

Boa semana!

Elder Eric Olsen


Sorry I waited until the end! Ill have to be quick!

This week was good, we found a ton of new investigators and worked a lot. Unfortunately, nobody went to church, but it happens.

I was especially impressed by 2 things:

Marivan is a lady that were teaching that smokes. We are helping her to stop, and with her faith in the power of Jesus Christ and continued effort, she has almost quit! pray for her!

Teresinha is a less active that we went to visit. It had been a long time since anyone went there, but we went and talked to her about her experience in the church and with Christ, and about the sacrament. In the end she said "I will definitely go to church this week! You can count on it. Im so glad that yall came." I have not seen so great faith in a long time.

Christ lives! He is our Savior. I love you all, boa semana pra todos!

Much Love,

Elder Nick Olsen

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