Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So this new area is looking pretty tough... because it's close to the airport. Yep, that means "SCCCHHHEEEEAAWWW" every half hour, an airplane touching down...

Haha but this is SUCH a great area! I got here on Wednesday and Elder Zeballos on Thursday I think, and it is the first time that this ward has had 2 companionships of missionaries. So they are pretty much stoked. Everyone comes up to us excited and happy, we got an investigator to go to church yesterday and everyone treated him well too. (By the way, there hadn't been other missionaries here before so we started from scratch, 1 whole day knocking doors! But it was bom demais!!) Our area is close to the University here and it seems to be a little bit more well off, but we still have been well received by the people.

Elder Zeballos got here really wanting to do personal sanctification, and I was happy to oblige. We started with a fast, and are trying to turn our thoughts to the Lord with everything we do and be as obedient as possible. I have studied a lot chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel this week, about recognizing the Spirit. It is such a great feeling when you know that God has used you as an instrument in some way! That's what I pray for every day.

I also started studying Jesus the Christ again today. This time I will read every single scripture reference! But I can already feel the Spirit permeating our life more. I am just really excited for my comp and this area, the Lord has blessed me so much!

Mom sorry that all the missionaries are coming back and making you miss us haha! But one day we'll come back too! savor it while you can

But I love you! Thank you for your support. I know that the Savior lives and watches over us, be it one that is walking consistently in His light, or fallen from the path, He loves us infinitely.


Elder Nick Olsen


There were just a couple of lines from Eric. He is happy and well and in his new city, Linhares. His new companion is Elder Bessa from Forteleza and they are getting along great and working hard.  They are zone leaders. 

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  1. Such love and devotion to things spiritual lifts me. Thanks for sharing.