Monday, December 22, 2014

Wow it has been quite a week. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I mean FELIZ NATAL!!

Mom and Dad thanks for sending me that temple selfie, I love it when you guys do that! Also LOL Eric how have you just now experienced fried bananas? I am super jealous of Phil, idk why but that pic of him in the kitchen made me trunky. Maybe it's just me missing wearing a jacket. Also I've been listening to the Gesu Bambino recording from Pavoratti, does Dad have one too? I'm just saying, its probably a lot better...

This week was the Christmas activity... so basically I didn't go out into the street until Sunday! But that was in part because my comp had to skype on Friday. When I went out on Sunday I was so excited that we started to talk to everyone! It felt good to work normally again.

But the Christmas activity was really great, we had some talks to start off and the missionaries that were leaving gave their testimonies, then we went and had lunch, then a talent show, then finally transfers, and everyone went home. The transfers were really funny. There is one missionary who was called as assistant, but there are 3 assistants so he has another companion. And at first they put him on the slideshow, and when he was called he got up all grumbly and mad, and then the President went up and said "yeah its kind of a joke Elder, you're actually ASSISTANT!!" and then he got all feliz aha it was funny.

Also Laurinda and Sylvanio were confirmed this week! And I got to do the confirming for Sylvanio! The first time I confirmed someone, it was really special.

ALSO HAHAHA yesterday at church this guy showed up that I had never seen during sacrament meeting. And so afterwards we went and talked to him and he was kind of weird, but whatever. The other Elders had a baptism, so we went to it, and afterwards he came up to us. "Do you think that you guys could get a little bit of the 'Water of the Most High' so I can wash my feet?" Needless to say, it didn't really work out.

It was interesting, as I was reading Dad's email he said that as he reflects on the life of the Savior he is filled with certainty that he lives, etc etc. And I feel the same way. It isn't something that comes to me intellectually, nor is it a sign, nor is it anything out of the ordinary. Its just the fact that when I think, I know that it is true. It makes sense. It fills my heart. HE fills my heart. I'm so thankful to have a Savior who loves me so much that He would suffer and die for me.

Anyway, I hope that you all remember that for Christmas! Love you all! YES I am excited to skype, its looking like I will do it around 4 or something too idk.


Elder Nicholas Olsen

Well, it's been quite a week! 

Unlike Missão Goiânia, we here in the Missão Brasil Vitória don't know about the transfer until the weekend before it happens. Generally Saturday or Sunday,... This time we got lucky and received it on Friday, so the weekend was really killer. And actually, it has been super busy until now - and still is! But oh well, that's part of the job. As I met and conversed with the new missionaries, I was reminded of the secretaries when I got here to Brasil - they helped me IMMENSLY. I have tried to help others the way that they helped me, because they made such a great difference in my mission! Truly the kind acts of one person can change another's life.

Also, have you guys ever eaten fried bananas? Holy cow I think they are my favorite food. Period.

Stuck in an elevator: Incident #2. As Elder Garcia and I were going up to the office, the elevator stopped! NO, WE DIDN'T JUMP! Anyway we were stuck for about 30 minutes. And we survived.

It seems as if God is always showing tender mercies to me - just like saving us from being stuck in the elevator! I also was in need of a camera adaptor this week, to complete one of my tasks. Honestly, it was to send pictures of the new missionaries to their parents - to let them know that their children are still alive! And I was searching frantically in our house, but with no luck. I had resolved that we would have to go buy one, but as we entered the office, I say the cord that I needed on the counter! It wasn't my cord, it wasn't my companion's - it was as if it had just appeared there. It's little evidences like this that really strengthen my faith that Christ lives.

Yesterday, we had a problem in the office that President Young had to resolve himself. I learned a lot from his example - Before doing anything, he kneeled down and said a prayer. Then, as he worked, he stopped periodically to pray and ask for guidance. It was a real learning experience - even though he has so much experience and wisdom, he doesn't rely on that which he knows - he relies on that which the Spirit gives him - the direction that the Lord sends (Prov. 3:5-6).

Also, it looks like I will be able to skype at around 3 or 4 oclock my time, but I dont know for certain. I will email you guys on Christmas eve to let you know. 

And it looks like we will spend Christmas eve in the mission home! Yayyyyy!!!!!

I testify of the magnificent truth that Jesus Christ lives, and is the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind. That through Him, all of us can become better and live with God again. That death will not conquer us, nor sin - if we are willing to humble ourselves and repent. I know that He loves us, and that His life was given as a ransom for every one of us. I am thankful for His leadership and His everlasting and limitless love; for His birth and death; for His Resurrection and atoning sacrifice. I wish I could say to you all how important He is - but I simply cannot express it with words. 

Esse Natal, lembrem-se Dele!

With much love and gratitude,

Elder E Olsen

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