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So I don't have much time so this will be a short email. BUT

This week was great, especially because I saw you all! But the joke is on you because when I was "bearing my testimony" in Portuguese, I was actually talking crap about each one of you... hahah just kidding! It was great to see you, made me more than a little trunky, but definitely worth it.

For Christmas, after we talked with you we drank a SUPER RARE soda called Guaraná Jesus (its from another state, maranhão) that everyone says is really good. But to be honest, it just tasted like bubblegum! HORRIBLE! So I was pretty disappointed.

I am doing this thing in my journal that I'm trying to write 5 things Im thankful for in the beginning every day. And one of them has to be a person. And then during the day, I also try to act in a way that if everyone in the world did that, I could be, for at least one person, the person they are thankful for. Its pretty cool and makes me think a lot more.

Also (this is a little trunky haha) I am making a bucket list! of 100 things! So basically everything falls into a category of spiritual and things for rich people haha. But I'm only on 42 still. But I wanted to ask: is there really like a festival of kites in Afghanistan or was that just in the Kite runner? Mom can you find out for me?

For Christmas though it was really cool. We stayed up until midnight to open our presents, and while we were waiting, one very fatherly missionary had like a devotional planned. We read Luke 2, and everyone said a Christmas that was most memorable. I said last Christmas, because I knew I'd be going away so I savored it a lot more. Also bc I didnt want to sing around the castle but Eric kept pushing everyone, and then when we finally did I loved it.

BUT like I said I'm short for time, but thank you for your love and support. I'm so thankful to have the knowledge that Christ lives and that He suffered for us. That we can have an eternal family.

Elder Nicholas Olsen

MERRY CHRISTMAS! or FELIZ NATAL! OR HAPPY KWANZAA! Or whatever holiday you are celebrating, happy holidays!

This week was trunky. It would have been worse if I was in a colder country - honestly, it doesnt even really seem like Christmas here! If it weren't for the lights in the street, I would not even know. But it was a blessing to be able to talk to you guys, and share a little of the joy that I feel here. I don't know why, but the SKYPE call really just strengthened my testimony that families are eternal in the Plano do Senhor! ...So I hope you all like me pretty well :)

Everyone in Brazil stays up until midnight to wait for Papai Noel to leave presents. I still don't get this - how is he gonna come if you're awake waiting for him?! In any case, I went to bed on time for Christmas eve!.....But Papai Noel still didnt show up :/

I gained a stronger testimony this week that we are all children of God with gifts and talents that He has given us. That we are special, and we are individuals - but that He loves us all individually and equally. President Young invited us to spend a part of Christmas Eve with him - first he had asked us to share a talent, and then we would bear our testimonies. I ended up being the only missionary to share a talent (President Young did a magic trick for us!) as I sangThe First Noel. I can't speak for the others that were there, but I really felt the Spirit as I sang. Afterwards, as I listened to the beautifully born testimonies of my companions, I realized - I don't speak very well! It is difficult for me to speak eloquently and put words together in a beautiful form. But Heavenly Father blessed me with just a little singing talent, so that I could praise Him with my voice. What a blessing it is to recognize and develop our talents! 

But wow. Even more marvelous is the fact that Jesus Christ lives. Just contemplate that for a moment. And because He lives, you will live to. Forever! 

Also this week I started a study journal. What a difference it makes! Before I just annotated in the margins of the scriptures, but a journal really allows you to understand a little more of the scriptures - the patterns, the important parts, - you can really see what it is that the Lord wants you to learn! And for me, there's still a LOT that He wants me to learn - so the journal is already gettin full! 

Anyways Feliz Natal para todos, e lembrem-se do Salvador. Não somente durante essa época de Natal, mas SEMPRE na nossa vida. Ele é essencial.

OH Almost forgot, I spoke for like 2 minutes with Nick on Skype, and he sounds like a Brazilian. I can speak well but people know I am American - but NICHOLAS SPEAKS PERFECTLY!

Muito amor,

Elder Eric Olsen

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