Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 13th

...yes, I know that there are 2 weeks until Christmas, but I am already celebrating. Which means that yes, I have already started opening presents, mom.

But that's not important! What is important is that we had our Christmas zone meeting this week, and this is the photo of the STAFF:

The Assistants - Elder Carvalho, who is going home on Tuesday, Elder Giancoli, who was trained by my trainer. And Elder Garcia, the Financial Secretary. And myself! We played volleyball - it was SO nice to finally play sports again! AH!

It has been a very stressful week here - because of the transfer coming up, we haven't been able to go out and work at night this week. NOT EVEN ONCE. Next week my trainer will be transferred, and I will be all alone. I am more than a little worried about all the responsibility! Yesterday we went to buy tickets for everyone to come to Vitória for the transfer, and we were at the bus station until 11:30. It was KILLER. But we got milkshakes, so it balanced out to be a good time.

Jackeline's daughter and her dog
On a more serious note - I have been pondering a lot this week about Jesus. Not necessarily on His birth - just on the fact that He came to Earth, lived, taught, suffered, and died for us. That somehow, in some way that I don't comprehend, he made it possible for us to change and develop - to leave our mistakes behind, and reach our divine potential as children of the True and Living God. As I read the prophecy of Samuel in Helaman this week, I was struck by his emphasis on repentance; only through Jesus Christ, it is possible for us to be redeemed from our fallen and carnal state. It doesn't matter what we did, who we offended, or what was said - we can be forgiven.
 D&C 58:42 Behold, he who has repented of his sinsthe same is forgiven,and I, the Lord, remember them no more.

What a blessing it is to know that Christ lived for us and died for us - and that we can always have new beginnings because of Him. I love Him. And I love you all, as well. I know that He lives.

Merry Christmas :)

Elder E Olsen

December 15th
Well this has been quite the week!

This week was transfers, so like Eric said, I have been running all around the place. I think by the end of the week we taught 1 lesson total, haha the worst week of my mission. It happens.

To tell the truth, transfers doesn't add toooooo much onto my work, I just have to buy the bus tickets. But we are having a mission conference, so people from like 8 or more cities are coming to Goiânia so it ended up being pretty expensive!

Unfortunately I got really sick on Thursday and have been recovering ever since, so it was pretty rough. But it's all good! It also happens haha.

The craziest part of this week was when the assistant said to me "can you do me a favor? download some christmas music for the conference." And said that it didn't have to be like hymns, so I ended up getting pretty trunky downloading Michael Buble and Andy Williams to play at the Christmas conference.

Also Laurinda and Sylvanio weren't confirmed yet, but they went to stake conference this week! On Saturday AND Sunday! So I was pretty happy about that.

But that's pretty much my story, sorry that I didn't take many pictures this week but not too much different happened. But I am excited for Christmas! I think I'll be calling (probably!) in the afternoon here, like 4 or 5. But not sure yet,

Love you all!

Elder Nicholas Olsen

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