Monday, October 20, 2014

Bom dia gente!

Bom dia gente!

Como vocês estão? Que pena que vocês dois tinham que voltar para "the arctic north!" haha. I had a dream this week that was pretty horrible. Eric was my companion and we were working Summerbrooke, knocking on doors. When we arrived at our old house, the people let us in and everything was arranged THE EXACT SAME as when we left!! haha it was pretty trunky, and I woke up with my mind very far from Anápolis.

What a sweet semana! Apart from the fact that it should have already been raining 3 or 4 weeks by now and hasn't rained at all thus making this city a burning inferno, we had a pretty good time! In district meeting, we did a practice about having courage, so we went out on the street and invited people to be baptised. And for us one guy actually accepted! But he lives outside of our area. But then the next day our district (our dupla and 2 duplas of Sisters) marked 11 baptismal dates!! It was really awesome. They just kept calling me and I kept calling the ZLs with more and more haha super cool.

Also this week we wanted to do a fast. And so it wa difficult, but we resisted the hot sun and the enticing invites from some members (vocês não querem guaraná, Elder? Não sério, nós temos na geladeira! SÉRIO!!) and made it home without breaking it. But it was so hot so SO SO HOT and I laid in bet for an hour and a half without sleeping, periodically grabbing ice cubes to rub on my forehead, that eventually I just had to drink (almost one liter in one try) water. And in the morning, I said to my comp "Dude im sorry.... but last night at 11:30 I broke the fast..." And he said "No its all good at midnight I did too!" haha so that was pretty funny.

In other news, I don't know how but somehow they found out that I play piano, so I have to play now in sacrament. Which isn't me hiding my talents, it's just that they already had 2 Irmãs that know how to play! But so I did great in the first 3 hymns, and the last one was "True to the Faith"... I absolutely BUTCHERED it! Haha but nobody seemed to care, so that was good.

We found an eleito também!! :) A young guy named Alcyr, we met him just knocking doors. We left a chapter from the Book of Mormon with him, marked with the first pamphlet, and when we came back he had read the chapter and the pamphlet too! First time that's EVER happened! So I was pretty happy about that.

Anyway, it's good to know that you're doing well, I haven't had time to arrange anything (not even letters!) for Christmas for yall yet, because we can only write on Pday. But even if it gets there late, you can be sure that something will be coming!

Amo vocês, oro pra vocês sempre, pense em vocês todos os dias. 

Elder Nicholas Olsen

Tacos with the zone leaders last pday

Bom dia gente! Como vocês estão? I just want you all to know that I had a dream this week that I came home. I think its because my subconscious is thinking about it - after all, we have 2 Elders in our house that will go home in the next 2 months! Wow it was a bad feeling when I woke up, not because I don't like to be here on the mission, but dreams like that 
dão saudade!

We had a great week as well. We are working a lot with a FAMILY! that went to CHURCH YESTERDAY! so our lives are just filled with happiness for the moment! Their names are Jackson and Gleice, and the have 6 year old twins - how is it that I have a knack for finding and teaching twins? This week something crazy happened - their child Arthur was really sick with pnemonia, with a fever,.. it was pretty bad. Gleice told us that she decided to read the Book of Mormon, and she just opened up and started reading - in Alma 15, where Alma heals Zeezrom - who is burning up with fever! When she told us about it, Arthur had already healed. We were able to testify of the importance of faith and the power of God, and the truth of the Book of Mormon - it was bem legal!

Also I FINALLY met the mission president! He interviewed me. ...most of the interview was focused on Scrabble, and he gave me some great tips to beat you all when I get home - but interestingly, everything that he said is also applicable to missionary work! He is a really inspired man. 

I met a couple this week that really seemed like you, mom and dad. They wife was a little quieter, but when she spoke it was always really witty and interesting. The husband spent a good part of the almoço telling stories of his mission - mostly pranks and tomfoolery! IT WAS LIKE YOU WERE BOTH HERE! But not exactly!

I feel like I have tried a lot more lately to act as Jesus would. Instead of trying to get to the greatest number of people possibly, I try to love those with whom I have contact. I find that as I show love and really work to help others, I am happier and I have more success! I am truly thankful for the example of the Savior. And I know that He lives.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and the he will bless our lives if we just open him up and read. I know that God keeps His promises as we have faith. And I know that He hears and answers prayers.

Boa semana todos :)

Elder Eric Olsen


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