Tuesday, August 19, 2014

prosciutto, horses, and a baptism

Querida família,

Tudo bem? Transferred. Again. Looks like the Lord doesn't want me staying in one place for too long! And it was just getting good too - Eliane was baptised this Tuesday, and looks like Roninha will get a new job in a week or two! She told one of the other Elders in the branch here that NOTHING could stop her from getting baptised - WOO! And her daughter is 9, so they'll start to teach her too!

I don't know where I am going or with whom I will be. ...so you'll have to wait until next week.

This week was marked by a lot of rain and a lot of dirt. And a lot of slow days. But Eliane was baptised! Because of rain and other problems this week, we only visited her one time between Tuesday and Sunday. When church rolled around and she wasn't at church, we started to panic. And right when we arranged to go to her house with a member to get her, she showed up! She had missed the onibus and - get this - WALKED all the way to church! WHAT! She said that she couldn't miss this Sunday because she needed to receive the Holy Ghost! Haha it was so gratifying!

We had a lesson with Roninha this week - ela é tão boa. Não consigo descrever (she's so good. I cannot describe). She, for one thing, bought a cake for us. You know how much I love cake. And also she said a prayer and asked for my family to be blessed - so you've got blessings coming your way!

I am so glad that the Lord has touched the hearts of these wonderful people.

Other than these two people, this week was difficult as always. But I did splits with my zone leader - he is a twin from Argentina. He told me about how his whole family is out of the church and they don't even really talk to him anymore - even his twin. it made me grateful for all of you guys. Thanks for the support. I love you all!

Elder Eric Olsen                                                                                                                                                                                              

baptism of Eliane

there are a lot of horses in the street here

a family we are teaching made us cake!

Querida família,

Well well well mais uma semana se passou já. Transfers are this week and.... I'm staying! My companion was transferred to I don't know where and my new companion will be I don't know who. But I am excited about a change. I will miss Elder Vicente but change is progress.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much success getting those people to church. Or the housekeeper. Or anyone actually, none of the investigators went to church yesterday. I find it really frustrating, but it makes sense to a point. This is why missionary work is so difficult: you knock on somebody's door, somebody completely content, and have to show them why they aren't content realmente. Because in reality they don't know what they're missing, but that's just it: they don't KNOW that they are missing something, so they don't have desire to search for it. 

So this week I found out about cevada, which I think is just barley in English..? But here the members like grind it up and drink it instead of coffee, and its actually pretty good! You guys should check it out and try it.

That is crazy about Bryan. I told a member about him and she was like "wow that's so great, he's going from dirt to gold" or along those lines. But I thought that it wasn't, he probably really loved it there in Africa. But if he was sent to Salt Lake I'm sure its because he is needed there in Salt Lake.

Unfortunately this week I don't have a lot of things to say. I am trying to work hard, deserve the blessing, bring people to the gospel and to know Jesus Christ. I miss you guys, thank you for everything you do for me and for me criando em luz e verdade. 

Elder Nicholas Olsen
today I went to the rich person grocery store and found prosciutto!
(it was 10 reias for just 3 pieces  but yolo)
minha zona
Elder Vicente and me
My zone one transfer ago

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