Monday, August 11, 2014

Father's Day in Brazil

E aí meus queridos!

Primeiramente, desculpa por ter demorado. We spent this morning visiting the Convento da Penha aqui em Vila Velha. was the second time for me, but still really beautiful! It was a little weird though, after being immersed in Mormon Doctrine for so long, to ´plunge into the world of Catholicism!

I am glad to hear that you all are helping out the missionaries there! Just think - How would you want the people here to treat your sons? And then do exactly that with your Sisters! Go teach some lessons with them, have a family home evening in your home and tell them to bring investigators, give references,.. Everything and anything is helpful.

Parabéns to Emily on her job! I have been praying for her, and I know that she is being blessed. I will want some room service when I get home.

Mother, Roninha is good, but she hasn't been able to find a different job yet. Also I am glad that you see me on Facebook, even if I don't know about it! However, GET ON MY FACEBOOK AND ACCEPT ALL THESE PEOPLE IN BRAZIL THAT ARE ADDING ME! Haha I get an earful of reclamação because people aren't being accepted..!

This week was interesting. We taught 2 spiritists. Also we found a woman, taught her everything, and she will be baptised tomorrow!!! Her name is Eliane. And she has a son named Eric! How cool is that! It has been a slow week - we have mostly been working with her. But it is all worth it - she understands the doctrine better than I did until I had been a member for 10 years! I am really excited to be a part of her story.

I love you all and I pray for you often. I wish I had more faith, so that my prayers could make a bigger difference in your lives! It is something I am working on.

Much love,

Elder E Olsen

PS transfers next week! And I will be late next week again!

                                                    Happy Brazilian Father's Day!

Dear Stanford,

Dude you got me laughing quite a few times there. Why would I hate you for thinking about Christmas? I have been thinking about it since the MTC!! Haha, the transfer will be the week of Christmas. I thought you would be interested to know that for some unknown reason, today I was reading your email in a whisper to myself and then perceived that I was talking with a southern accent! Haha so that is pretty cool to me, I miss the south!

Even though you guys are having trouble finding people to invite to learn about the church, you are still doing well. I think it was Elder Ballard that made a promise: if we pray to have people to teach and experiences to have, God will give them to us. So have faith. Also helping the missionaries with things like transfers helps a lot. If you are good to the missionaries, they will really be eternally grateful to you, I can tell you.

I have a lot of room on my memory card still, I try to take pics of all the noteworthy things haha. But I will for sure feel free to buy a new one, or buy a pen drive to back up my pics in case my camera is stolen or something. I had to buy contact lens solution this week which was caaaaaro demais. I am thinking about sending a box to you guys too! Or at least an envelope with a few things inside. I guess we'll see because its kind of hard to drum up money around here.

Also, mom, I know they have a dry cleaner but there's only ONE IN THE WHOLE CITY and its far away so I will just stick it out with these pants. I got your box this week! But it was the one with the pants and contacts, I haven't got the other yet, so idk if it disappeared or what haha.

This week is the week of cars. They have these cars here that always pass in the street blaring advertisements: "the milk car is passing in the front of your house!" "The car of pamonha!" "the car of vegetables!" blah blah blah. But elections are coming up: "Pastor Washington Luiz eu vou voltaaaar!" and also there is a circus in town: "você vai, você vai, vai láááááááááááá meu amiiiiigoooooo!" haha so that was an exciting change this week.

Also this week started out super awesome. Like we marked 6 baptismal dates with investigators!! CRAZY! But then the rest of the week we didn't find them at home and they didn't go to church. So its a struggle. But I guess we always have to have trials of our faith.

Love you guys! Thank you for the news (wow the world is ending) and the laughs and testimonies and everything. I found out that my friend from BYU Josie is going to Argentina on her mission! so thats an extra exciting nugget. Love you!

Elder Nicholas Olsen

                                                               Eating meat in the road at night
                                                           When lunch with the members fell through
                                                                                   6 months!!

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