Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th

Hello querida família!

Então sounds like your week was pretty tranquil as was mine. The first day we got a call from the District Leader: "Vocês dois foram transferidos!!" But after a half hour he called again and said it was a misunderstanding, haha. But we did have a Zone meeting of 4 zones in Goiânia!! And they will create a third stake there! So that was pretty exciting. Also since I went to Goiânia I got to see Elder Silva, who was my trainer. He is a really good example, it was super good to see him.

One day I was teaching this lady and then she was like, "are you from Portugal?" and i just laughed haha because my accent is nothing like a Portuguese accent! But I guess its good, I prefer Portuguese to American. I heard a lot of bad American accents at this zone meeting. OH also I saw Andrea Marshall! And she said to tell the Hawaiian sister in our ward that she is in my mission and also Sister Anderson is in my mission!

Dad, since you are on the high council now, you should try to do this activity that our mission president wants us to do. Its just like you designate one day, and tell all of the members to try to bring 5 people to church. In truth, it could be just 2 or even just 1. And also in truth, its more complicated here than that, but I think that thats a good idea. Because people always think of missionary work as something they will do NEXT week, NEXT year. But if you have a day set, they'll have a goal to reach. It has already doubled the amount of people in church here!

Speaking of ward council, mom, I went for the first time yesterday. They seemed really focused with wanting to have good baptismal services, but I just wanted to say, if we don't have your help here there won't be any baptisms! Idk, this ward is great in that they like us a lot, but sometimes they're not really as excited about helping out.

Anyway, unfortunately we dont have a lot going on as of now. I am still trying to figure out the key that will make this work move forward! Thanks for keeping me updated with you all, love you a lot.

Elder Nicholas Olsen

                                                                     At a restaurant in Goiânia

                                                                             At zone conference
                                                              This reminded me of The Lion King!

Dearest family,

And principalmente to dad: Holy cow you read the scriptures A LOT during your mission! Did you find better to read one book at a time, or read a little of the Book of Mormon and a little of the New Testament each day? I am almost finishing Jesus the Christ. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes not as much... but I feel much closer to Christ. I feel like I know Him better now.

This week we worked a lot on our goals. Our end goal was to have a lot of people go to church, because that is such an important part of conversion and learning more about the Restored Church of Jesus Christ. We worked and prayed and emphasized, with our investigators, that they really need to go to church. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. We had 9 people go to church yesterday!!! Which is super bom. And it won't happen every week, but it was a really blessing for us. 

I heard something really good this week: Spiritual light doesnt come to those that wait in darkness. It takes an Act of Faith.

I testify that God wants us to have spiritual light - we just have to search and knock!

This week we had a few interesting experiences. One man that we taught was purely interested in knowing more about the church - but he really listened to our message and asked questions and everything! And the end he said You guys are pretty cool. Lets go to Domingus Martins one day - a little city 1 hour away that doesnt have missionaries - and you can meet my parents. Haha Elder Cervantes, when we left his house, said - Well I don't think we can count him as an investigator, because he doesn't have that much interest. ...But we did make a new Bro today! So we ended the week with 28 lessons, 9 investigators in church, and 1 new Bro.

We also had a woman, Roninha (pronounced Honeenya) that READ and PRAYED ABOUT the Book of Mormon! AHHH! That hardly ever happens! And what did she say about it? "Yep, I read and prayed and received an answer! Of course I will be baptised." But she has to work on Sundays and wont get baptized until she changes her work, so pray that she finds a new job!

Speaking of which, Emily, I will pray for you to find one!

One last thing. Mom, all the rapazes here fight kites. All day every day. I took a picture but it is impossible to see thhe kites, but it is mais ou menos like Kite Runner! 

I love you guys. I pray for you daily. By name, and by necessity. Procure luz espiritual! and Keep the faith, please.

Elder Eric Olsen

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