Tuesday, May 20, 2014

baptisms and popsicles

First Eric's e-mail:


This is the sound I wont be hearing when the world cup rolls around. My president sent out an email today that says we aren't allowed to watch any of the games. ...in case anyone was wondering.

We had two baptisms this week! That is the good news. 2 more people coming unto the Savior of the world, with the promise of everlasting life!

...the bad news is that one of them wasn't confirmed, and she and Leidiane both ended up going to other churches this week. But that means we have only one subject to teach to the both of them! And it is one of my favorite subjects - the fact that the Priesthood of God is on the earth again, and that it has the power to heal, receive revelation, and lead the church!

This week was really slow. We seriously need some new people to teach. But as it is the last week of training, I am senior companion this week! And you KNOW we will trabalhar ate o pó! And find new people! But yeah, transfers are next week, so we will see what happens there.

I don't have too much to report unfortunately. But i do have a story! One day we were waiting to meet some members for a lesson, and there was a HUGE line of formigas - ants. And I sat there thinking about them - how they bumped into each other over and over and over, but the fact that there were others in the same line helped them stay in place. Helped them get to where they needed to go. And while I read in Mormon today, it talked about the nefites during a war - they all gathered together for safety. It is exactly like our lives here. We have to help one another and gather in places of refuge- refuge from the storms of the devil, the tribulation of the world. Please help others to come into the rebanho de Deus. I know that this is one of the most important purposes of this life - to allow others to taste of the sweet fruit of the love of God!

I love you all! FicamFelizes!

Elder Eric C Olsen

And now from Nick:                                                                                                                                                              

Dear Parents,

HEEYYY!! This week was much better, sorry if last week was a downer but for some reason I was struggling greatly. Fortunately, I was more blessed this week. And to be completely honest, I had a consistent feeling that it was partly because of you both. So thanks for whatever you did!

This week I got a new Book of Mormon (actually Livro de Mórmon) with a hard cover yeaaahh!!! So I was pretty excited about that... is that missionary enough for you? Freaking out over a Book of Mormon? But so for study I have been reading that. Actually for study what I'm doing is going through all the lessons and every scripture and everything. Today I finished the lessons so I will start again. We have this "guide" to PMG that basically makes you dive into every scripture and open it up into 1000000000 pieces, so I'm about to start with that. It's funny though because I've actually never gotten past the 3rd lesson.. haha oh well tudo vai dar certo. 

Also this week we had a Zone meeting and the President was there, so we all got interviewed. I was ready for a 15-20 minute session of batendo papo (chatting) but it was a solid 3 minutes haha. But that's okay. For some reason, Elder Vieiras interview got him pumped, or at least more than usual, and so we ended up trabalhando até o pó for the rest of the semana. And THIS is whats awesome: We have a goal in the mission which is 100 contatos OR 30 recebidas por semana. And yesterday we both needed a lot more. And so we were working, working working, working working working, but it wasn't happening. And we went to the casa at 9, and then Elder V was like "heck no lets go get these" and so we went out again, but still wasn't happening. And it was 9:15, and we decided to go back to the house a little bit sad. BUT THEN the Igreja Mundial let out with a bunch of people and we both got the goal!!!! I had 14 recebidas yesterday! (unheard of) (doido) So that was a testimony to me that the milagres vem na extra quilometre (miracles come from the extra mile). Also what was mais legal que tudo(the most awesome of all) was that the very last one was like the most crente (a crente is like a person who goes to the evangelica churches and is really chato about religion) that anyone ever saw, and she gave an address too.

Dad I had a dream the other day. I was eating fried chicken, but dusted on top of the fried chicken was powdered sugar infused with mint flavor and it was the best thing I ever ate, so you should try that! Also the hymn Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy ALWAYS gets me trunky, because I remember when we sang and mom played that. So we'll have to do that again when I return. Also remind me to learn Italian because its close to Portuguese mais ou menos (more or less) and then we can talk to each other in another language.

Guys I know that its hard to have the courage to just talk about the Gospel, but just talk about it! Maybe you can have an excuse if its your boss haha. But listen, in Amos it says that 10% of the people in the world are ready. 10% are already pronto! So they will hear your voice! Don't have fear!

I was watching this video today and it was chique:

The end is a little depressing. But just imagine the day that we will meet Him, the Savior and Redeemer of total humanity, and be able to embrace him and talk to him. He knows us perfectly and He loves us. 

Thank you for everything, I am sending a letter today with letters for everyone. I hope that you're all good, enjoying each others company. Go to the temple. Watch a movie together. Listen to the Tab Choir. Make crepes or something i don't know just take advantage of the awesome gift you have of this life.

Much Love,

Elder Olsen

                                                                                Popsicle break

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