Wednesday, May 14, 2014


From Eric: 

Feliz Dia Das Mães!!!!

...I think I forgot to even say that yesterday, sorry mom! And Dad just so you know, the translation for You are the man is Você  é o cara. But it is slang. But still. 

Honestly I dont know what to say in this email, since I spilled everything I could yesterday on skype. Its too bad to think that now I have to wait for Natal to talk again... for my companion, it was his last phone call home! He will go home in November.

Speaking of him, dad, we sing a hymn to begin companionship study every day! I think it is a rule that we do. And we want to sing a hymn in sacrament meeting our last sunday, in 2 weeks. Because there is not much musical talent here in Brazil. Not trying to hate, just saying! 

This week has been difficult. We just aren't having much success lately - Finding new investigators is super hard, and the ones that we have aren't coming to church. AGH. I think we should just take a day and knock on doors, teaching the first lesson 100 times. We would at least find 1 good investigator, right? I am reminded of the missionaries in the scriptures - SOME of the people believed their words. So you have to talk to a lot of people to find the eleitos, right?

Also mom, you can finish the Book of Mormon in two weeks! I was in Alma 3 days ago, but I will finish the Book in 2 weeks from today! Probably. And I am reading in Portuguese. So you can do it! An hour a day!

I love you all and think about you often. But not too much. Just the right amount! If you have a chance, go to a lesson with the sisters! Or give them a reference! Or something. Working with members is a dream come true.

Again, I love you! Never forget the Savior and what he did for us, and the happiness we can attain because of him.

Elder Olsen

And from Nick:

Dear Mom,

Yes it was mothers day here too desculpa I forgot to say but HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! haha that was a little bit stupid of me. That grass over there looks really nice and you both look good too. Dad I hope you are still losing weight because I will expect to go camping or something in 2 years.

It was funny yesterday, all of the Elders think that you two look like the quintessential American couple, I don't really know how but at the same time I totally do! They were also impressed with the hutch with dishes in the back, apparently I'm back to being super rich haha. Also Elder Silva called and told me to send a hug to you guys, he was disappointed that he didnt get to meet y'all.

So this week for me was a lot better. We did more teaching, more contacts, and have a few people that I think might get baptised, but I dont know. Elder Olsen I didn't know that you yourself did the baptizing that is really awesome! I also did a division with an Elder in his last transfer, Elder Maciel from Rio Grande do Sul. He was really cool, what I like about him is that he is a little bit more reserved like me, and so it was good to see a person like that teaching for once. I dont know, I feel like being here has made me be more reserved, and idk if it is because of the language barrier or what, but I'm trying to figure out if I need to learn to be more outgoing and crazy haha. But my idea is that in the lesson at least you need to have the Spirit, and I felt that he did that well and taught me a lot.

My comp is getting better: apparently his namorada told him last week that he needs to work harder haha and so he is now. There is still room for improvement though. Were going to do this program in our ward called I-10 (pronounced eeeh dez but its funny because I-10 is that highway at home) which is basically just an event to get the members to invite people to church. Apparently whenever a ward does it it helps the work a lot a lot! So I am excited about that!

Today was funny, we went to a mall to get money and this guy came up and talked to me, asking where the church was and everything, and I had a full conversation with him by myself. And he said he lived in the U.S. for a little, so the whole conversation was in Portuguese until we said goodbye and he said "nice to meet you" almost perfectly! haha I love when weird things like that happen. Also there is one guy in our neighborhood who I dont even know personally, but everytime he rides past on his bike he says "WHATS UP" with a really thick accent haha its hilarious.

Anyways, Im really grateful to you guys for being so strong, especially in the church. Elder Brito had to ask his parents to go to church and talk to the missionaries because theyre non members, and Elder Vieira had to ask his parents to read scriptures and pray every day, but I felt good knowing that you guys are always doing those things and I never have to worry about that. Thank you.

Well I love you! Have fun with Emily and Phil, itll be just like old times! Except they're old and we won't be there too and also you live in another house in another state and also... well you get the point. I love you guys, have a good week. 

Elder Olsen

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