Wednesday, May 7, 2014


First from Eric:

Oi gente! What a week it was. A week full of action and adventure, baptism and confirmation, sickness and priesthood blessings!

So there was a meeting for mission leaders in Vitoria at the beginning of the week, and I am not a leader unfortunately. So I was dumped off in Aracruz with some other Elders for the day. I worked with one Elder named Elder Aguayo - he is from Equador. Gente boa demais. And we marked 8 BAPTISMAL DATES! It was a miracle. Really cool to be a part of! 

Unfortunately, the work in our area was slower than slow. We are having a really hard time finding new investigators to teach. ...And our old ones are not progressing very much.

....BUT Leidiane was baptised and we are going to start teaching her brother and possibly her mother! It was a super spiritual experience, I cant even explain. I know I am worthy but I felt like Ammon after I baptized her - like I wasnt quite worthy. How could anybody be worthy to perform an ordinance so sacred? Amazing. 

Also I was sick the entire week. Just now getting better. It was weird, just my whole body was aching the week entero. To the point where we would have to stop if I was out of breath because it hurt to breathe. But it was interesting - one day I was in a lot of pain but I stopped to talk to a woman and her son. When we got her address and walked away, I felt SO much better. I guess it just goes to show to forget yourself and go to work, huh? ...easier said than done, but still.

If you want to help the missionaries give them references! And have lessons with them! We didn't have success with Leidiane until we took a member with us to a lesson. Lessons with members, along with their friendship, are essential.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the baptism because I didn't have my camera, but Elder Mason did! I forwarded some pictures that he sent me. I couldn't open them, but hopefully you can! If not, he will go home in 6 months and I'll tell him to hunt you all down! 

I love you all! Mom, I cant wait to see you on Mother's Day! Dad, don't get sick because I want you to sing me a song! Unfortunately I have no idea when I will be able to call.. So just dont leave the house after church. Talk to you soon!

Much love,
Elder Eric Olsen

                                                                             Leidiane's baptism
                                                                              sunset in Colatina

And from Nick:

Oi gente!

 This week inteiro I was thinking that we have Mothers Day YESTERDAY, so I was pretty sad to find out that its proxima semana (next week). But haha that was pretty funny for me. 

One other thing that was funny is that I was at almoço(lunch) the other day and there were like a lot of people there which was exciting. And my companions think I look like an actor on disney channel, so they said that and one person was like heck yeah! and someone else was like naaah more like Brad Pitt. And I was like heck yeah stick with that! and then her husband was like more like Brad Pitt after the atomic bomb at Hiroshima! So that's Brazilians for you, they like to rip on each other haha, but whatever. I just laughed. at least one person in the world thinks I look like Brad Pitt!

One other good thing is that the Irmã who batizou last week is like super firme in the igreja, she is making a ton of friends and she invited us over last night to make mexican food (because Elder Diego is Mexican.) it's good to see someone who is really progressing well.

I love you guys so much. Enjoy the fact that you have temples there, family, grass, a beautiful home, things that you take for granted most of the time. We are very blessed in our family. I can't wait to talk with you on Sunday! I think we will sing a primary hymn for you mom. Also y'all should probably leave church early because I'm not exactly sure what time we will get to call you but i think it'll be before church ends.

Much Love,

Elder Olsen

                                                                                3 months!
                                               making tortillas (did you know they are just flour and water)

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