Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WELCOME TO......GOIÂNIA!!!!!!!! Yes mom I was transferred, I will be returning to Goiânia. But this time to the downtown area, to be the new Finance Secretary! And who will train me?... my own dad! Elder Silva will be training me AGAIN! My dad 2 times!! I guess you could say I'm pretty excited. When I called the Sisters of my District to tell the news, I had to convince her for like 20 minutes because she thought I was lying haha. Although I will miss this area a lot. I have actually grown to love it, and especially love the members! Like for example, Irmã Nubia. I don't love her like YOU mom haha, but like a mission mom I love her!
With Sister Nubia's family
 ANYWAY I had some awesome experiences this week, first of which was a baptism! One week ago we went to Adriele's house and challenged her and her kids to baptism for this week, and they accepted! So we had to go every single day of the week to teach everything else and keep up with them, and unfortunately they live a little bit far away, but whatevs.

Then we finally got to Saturday, which was a huge activity in all of Brasil of Mormon Helping Hands. But in my stake they hardly didn't advertise it, so instead of having 100,000 people (which was the idea), it was all 16 missionaries from Anápolis and like 20 other people, a majority members. So we just sat around and watched mormon messages while the little kids played in a bounce house haha.

Then we got to the time of the baptism, and it was the usual correria of problems: didnt have enough baptismal clothes, didnt have a member of the bishopric, blah blah blah and so we had to run around trying to fix all of the problems. Then FINALLY the meeting started, and I was literally in the water with Adriele when she divulged a secret that would have been great to know beforehand: she has fear of water. As do her 2 daughters... So we literally had to do the baptisms like 4 times for each one until they actually went all the way under! Haha it was so embarrassing, but whatever, in the end they were all baptized and confirmed so I'm happy.

Also it was cool at the end of the baptism, we had planned with some of the other missionaries (everyone was there because of Helping Hands) to do a special closing hymn. So I played piano and they did Joseph Smith's First Prayer, and then after the 3rd verse everyone hummed and one said the First Vision. It's something that I learned in the MTC but it brings the Spirit so strong and it was really great! And then afterward my ZL said that some people were crying when he said the vision. It was great!Not because i like to make people cry... but... ah you get the point!

Also haha funny story, the littlest girl is really cute, shes 3 years old and she said to me "Pastor... eu quero me batizar também!" hahaha i laughed my head off, like the cutest thing I've ever seen.

So that's my story! Thank you all for supporting me and praying for me, I will be sending a Christmas package to the fam soon. I just have to arrange some things first! AMO vocês!

Elder Nicholas Olsen

Zona Anápolis!

Dear family,
I don't have a lot to say this week. The work was slow here, but fortunately, we had a baptism! Which was very exciting.

Dad, I thought you should know that we are teaching a woman whose old boss was from Austria. The other day we got talking about Austrian food - she talked about chucrute (?) and goulash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!! I am going to try to convince her to make it for us as well!

I will try to be better this week. I love you guys and I appreciate your love and prayers.

Elder E Olsen

chatting with the members

singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives in church

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