Monday, November 17, 2014


Haha bom dia and boa semana. I have had quite a week here, it all started with me coming back to Goiânia. And the first night that we were staying here there were like 15 missionaries going home, and 10 of them slept in our house! So it was prety crowded, pretty crazy. This is the first "going away" that I've been to, so there's good news and bad news. The good news is that I got to eat lunch 2 times in the President's house and it was suuuuper tasty! the bad news is that I knew a lot of people going away, including Andrea, and so it was kind of sad and really trunky haha. But its all good!

So what is life in the office like, you may wonder? Pretty much just like the tv show! haha just kidding that would be insane. Basically... its a lot of work. There has been a bit of a misunderstanding with the water and light bills so pretty much every day somebody calls me complaining and I have to go fix it. I have to take care of all of the mission funds for everything you could think of and also register everything to make sure that nothing is going wrong. The problem is that Elder Silva, who would have trained me, is now the new assistent (whooooh!), so i dont have anyone to really show me the ropes... but it will all turn out okay!

My comps name is Elder Sales, he is really tight. Like after training so much is really great to be with someone that already knows how to teach and live mission life and is just like really excited about life! He is the executive secretary, so he always is having to take care of problems, even more than me! I am trying to help out when I can.

I'm sorry but I didn't take a lot of pictures but I was just really kind of overwhelmed and trying to figure things out. But these are the secretaries! Elder Brooks was reassigned to Detroit and I actually met him there, Elder Zeballos is the son of a 70 (wow) but super funny and joke-ey, and Elder Sales de São Paulo.

Sorry if I forgot things but even today on Pday I have had to use time to go to the terminal and buy bus passes and stuff and so its been pretty busy! You can imagine that today I will be sleeping quite a bit haha. But i KNOW that the Lord will qualify and help me as I do my best to serve Him and care for His affairs here on the earth. 

PS yes i still do missionary work too, the office is just until 5 on weekdays.
Also I can text on my phone so I am learning brazilian text linguo!!

blz: beleza
flw: falou
vlw: valeu
rsrsrsrs ou kkkkkk: lol or hahahahha

Elder Nicholas Olsen

Dearest loved ones,

Grace and peace unto you!

Baptism this week:Inline image 1
Helping people come unto Christ is the best. The woman on the left is Antônia - she has so much desire to leave the things of the world behind and become a better person. 

We are also helping a woman stop smoking. She allowed us to take her cigarettes....Inline image 2 we broke them all! Haha one more vitória that occured this week.

So I wasn't transferred, but I have been designated as the District Leader here! Which was really good - for the first 5 minutes. And then it just turned into a LOT of work! But I am happy - I have been wanting to be able to make a difference in the lives of the other missionaries. It is challenging, but rewarding.

We were visited by a general authority this week - Elder Mazzagardi. He spoke about everything from music to the ability to read the eyes of others, to the fact that when we bear testimony there are angels with us recording what we say! I thought this last part very interesting. Since he came I have been paying more attention to my own testimony, and when I bear it I have felt a lot more power!

In other news, we got stuck in an elevator this week. For a solid 40 minutes... it was a good time, but I wouldn't do it again. Once it hit 30 minutes I started to freak out, but then we sang some hymns, and I felt better :)

It has been difficult, but this week I really realized - this is the ONLY time in my earthly life that I will be able to serve the Lord with ALL my heart might mind and strength - what a blessing it is! I love you and pray for you always.

Elder Eric Olsen

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