Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The World Cup continues

From Eric:
This week I have been studying the talks from this past general conference of the church. I especially appreciated the talk that Elder Ballard gave, about - you guessed it! - MISSIONARY WORK! He talked about how parents and family members of missionaries should study  Preach My Gospel, and share what they learned with their missionaries! So DO THIS! Any light or truth that you could pull from this inspired book would be greatly appreciated in my life.

This week was a week of the priesthood for me. At least, more so than other weeks in the mission. I studied about the priesthood in the conference talks, in Jesus the Christ, and about how the keys of the priesthood are again on the earth. I was also blessed with the opportunity to give some blessings by its power. I will always be baffled by it. The power of God is just so magnificent. In any case, I am super grateful that we can use its power according to our faith. I love the Savior's reminder in the scriptures - as He healed the sick, He always said - According to thy faith, be it unto thee. 

Yesterday we had 4 people in the church. We received a call from one of the women that went to church later in the day. She said - I am not sure that I should be baptized into your church yet, but can I continue going to the meetings anyway? I feel more tranquility there than in any other place i have been in my life. Although the work is slow, it is always neat to see the Spirit working in someone's life.

At the beginning of this transfer, we worked a little bit in every area of the city. Now, we have 4 or 5 individuals that are really progressing - the only problem is, they live on different sides of our area! One lives next to the river, one lives at the top of the mountain, one lives almost in the country.... Needless to say, our lives consist of a lot of running around, and a lot of missing appointments!

This week during the world cup when Brazil was playing, I studied while my companion watched. Honestly, I watched the penalties - it was too exciting to stay away! But yeah, the people here flip out when someone scores, or when someone doesn't score, or when someone trips, or gets dirt on their shirt!  Its fun to be here and see the craziness.

Study the scriptures, say your prayers, go to church. My words of wisdom for the week! Oh, also - What would Jesus do? Always look to the Master! Love you all!

Elder Eric Olsen

ps tell Emily and my grandparents that I have been thinking about them!

From Nick:

Nossa só coisas loucas esta semana, riem? 

BOM DIA irmãos e irmãs, coloque um copo de água em cima da televisão, mais um episódio com Pastor Demais Cedo. Haha, my last companion always said that, making fun of a TV pastor. But this week was crazy! Mainly because I worked and worked até o pó! The work was much better this week, we almost doubled our amount of lessons! We had 20 new investigators during the semana! Unfortunately, only 2 went to church. It was one of those times, had a bunch of families who bailed at the last minute because they were "going to the farm on Domingo". But it happens. In my mind, you have to count the little miracles before you have a right to see the big ones, so this week was a miracle!

My District Leader recently watched "The Other Side of Heaven", about the missionary who serves in Tonga. In Tonga, they all call him Kolipoki, which means "white man with weak stomach", and so he has taken to calling me Kolipoki! hahaha but I definitely don't have a weak stomach, in fact I have to find a solution fast because... I'm gettin chubby!

EU RECEBI UMA CAIXA FINALMENTE!!! (I finally received a box!) Thank you guys so much, even the socks and stuff it felt like Christmas! Haha. I see from the things in the box that you are concerned with my dental health, I can assure you that I'm brushing and flossing todos os dias. I especially liked the picture of me and Eric with the snowman, a great memory! And all the new ones of you guys too. 

If you want to listen to a musica that plays here a lot, use these lyrics: 
"foi bonito foi, foi intenso foi verdadeiro, mas sincero
sei que foi capaz, fiz até demais te amei"
I think its called fui fiel. Its one of the better "brasilian country" songs, but rest assured have a lot worse haha.

Yeah Mom, I think that the work in the whole world is slowing down too. Except Manaus, haha, everyone gets baptised there. But really that's why the members are so important. There's one section in weekly planning that talks about planning on contacting your references, from membros, from service, and also from your próprio esforço. Like personal work is the last one! But for me personal work is the only way to get references! Share the gospel with people, I know its weird because I was there 5 months ago, but its the only way that this work will continue to grow.

For me, during the World Cup we went back to our house but had to leave again after the game. It was a horrible day haha, todo mundo OU bêbado, OU festando, OU fora de casa (all the world drunk or partying or not at home). So we didn't really accomplish much. But its so weird to be here during the game. I was sitting in the hammock, and all of the sudden: "GOL! GOOOOOOL!!" And then there was screeaming in the whole bairro, and fireworks BOOM BOOM its like a war zone haha!

I am learning a lot of patience. You know, just supporting difficulties and knowing that in the end, if we are faithful, everything will turn out alright. Thank you for being so loving, I wouldn't be the same without you. Dad, I think I laughed a minute straight at that picture you sent. Thank you for your testimonies and encouragement. I love you.

Elder Nicholas Olsen

                                                           freshly shined shoes!
                                                                     strange fruit called graviola

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