Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21

From Eric:

Dear family,

This week was a week of losing patience. I have always thought of myself as somewhat of a patient person, but this week was a little different. I think it is because I am reading Jesus the Christ - you can really tell that He had an attitude with the pharisees and scribes! - but I got in some Bible Bashes. Yikes... The good news is, we won! The bad news is, the people didn't get baptised. 

Something really interesting happened during a lesson this week! We were teaching about the Restoration, and the woman said - that is great, but I already am CERTAIN that my church is correct. And the Spirit brought something really weird to my remembrance - the ancient Greeks! They were CERTAIN that the world was flat - but is it? Claro que não. Unfortunately she still didn't want to ask our Eternal Creator for the truth, but you can't force people, right? It made me glad the I am a nerd and study a lot, and also that I had the Spirit to guide my thoughts and words.

Que bom que vocês estejam compartilhando o Evangelho! (Glad you are sharing the gospel!) Keep trying - this week we decided to just invite everyone to be baptized - crazy, I know. But 2 people accepted. The Lord is preparing people - you just have to share with everyone and anyone. Also, mom, I heard once that most people go through talking with like 8 sets of missionaries before being baptized - not all at the same time, but on and off, on and off. So they wont accept the first time!

Sorry I didn't talk about the world cup - literally nobody cared here. Except for a few people who - yep - had conspiracy theories! Everyone said that Neymar faked his injury? Sei lá. I don't think he would but who knows!

I wish I had more interesting stories but I think we just spent a lot of our time walking this week. Like.... probably 7 or 8 miles a day! Also I am next to the beach and took a picture, but this computer is halfway broken. So I will send them next week! 

Love you all and thanks for the testimonies and prayers. This week WE WILL BAPTIZE I HAVE FAITH!

Elder E. Olsen

And from Nick:

Dear family,
Wow it's good to hear that you guys are doing the same work that I am doing! And don't be discouraged that people aren't accepting every time (you guys always give this counsel, now its my turn haha!) but all we have to do is extend the invitation. Speaking of a family with the mom being an old member, in my first week in this area, we met a family really great, but only the dad and daughter. And we taught and conversed and everything, but the mom wasn't having it really. Then later we found out that she was already baptised, because it was before you had to go to church 2 times and she "just wanted to jump in the water"..? hahahaha. But yeah it is true that the elect will hear the voice of the gospel the first time, BUT does not mean that you can forget them. Because every person who already lived, is living, and will live accepted the plan of Heavenly Father and is a precious soul! 

So this week was a bit sad in our ward because one guy like 22 years old was killed. Bem perto de nossa casa também. (Very close to our house also). So there was somewhat of a shadow in our ward, but fortunately one of our investigators went to church and liked it a lot, and also someone brought friends that are interested! so things are looking up.

The other day my companion said "do you have 'Donkey shots' in English too?" And me:"..................what?" haha in the end he was saying Dom Quixote! but isn't that Spanish an should sound like Dom Kee-hoe-tay? I thought anyway haha.

I had an almoço really good, it was just chicken fried steak! And I got to thinking how good it would be to have some root beer, even biscuits and gravy and grits! not because they taste good or anything, just because of the idea of it.

Anyway, the week was a lot better in terms of work. Not easier, mind you, but better. We realized that nobody in the actual neighborhood of flamboyant is in our ward, so were working there a little bit. 

Mas eu só gostaria prestar meu testemunho a vocês em Português rapidinho, que eu sei que esta Igreja é a Igreja do Salvador Jesus Cristo. Uma coisa que eu já aprendi muito bem na missão é que Jesus Cristo vive. Ele é o ponto central de tudo. Ele é o nosso irmão, nosso advogado com O Pai, nosso Redentor e nosso Salvador. Através a fé Nele, nós possamos vencer todos os dificuldades, todos as provações, tudo em nossa vida, e, mais importante ainda, um dia voltar a viver com Ele e com nossas famílias para a eternidade. (But I would just like to bear my testimony to you in Portuguese quickly, I know that this Church is the Church of the Savior Jesus Christ. One thing I have learned very well on my mission is that Jesus Christ lives. He is central to everything. He is our brother, our advocate with the Father, our Redeemer and our Savior. Through faith in Him, we can overcome all difficulties, all the trials, in all our lives and, more importantly, one day return to live with Him and with our families for eternity

Eu vos amo! Obrigado pelos testemunhos e as noticias e tudo. ( I love you! Thanks for the testimonies and all the news).

Com amor,
Elder Nicholas Olsen 

there is a store called havan and it has the statue of liberty in the front, gives me a lot of vontade to conhecer nova iorque!

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