Monday, September 15, 2014

Missing home.

Caro família,

I am so trunky right now, aka homesick, because of your apple pie - football bonanza! That is so cool about the jet flyover at the game!

As you all gear up for winter, we here are gearing up for summer. Everyone talks about how horribly hot it will be... welp. Also I have seen a ton of pictures of missionaries in the summer - wading in water up to their waists! So I guess I am in for some swimming, woohoo!!

This week we received a miracle. We found someone that is really spiritual sensitive - literally prepared by God. Missionaries always talk about the "elect" and those that are being prepared, but this guy is it. We met him Saturday, he went to church on Sunday - and after the first meeting he turned to me and said - Wow I just feel really really good, like I should be here. MIRACLE! It really strengthened my testimony that God wants people to come unto Him, and is preparing the hearts of His children.

Also, I want to know how are the scriptures and the Family Home Evenings, etc! What are you learning in the scriptures, what spiritual experiences did you have this week? What strengthened your testimonies? I need things like this! Also things that might help me to be better as a missionary, as a person, as a friend, as a child of God. 

ALSO mom you could send me a recipe for apple pie. Every brazilian keeps asking about it, its pretty famous!

I know that as we work and pray and pray and pray some more, God keeps His promises. We really have to show our desire to receive blessings from Him, and how do we show our desire? Through our actions. I know that everything that God gives us in this life - trials as well as victories - is for our benefit.

As I sat at lunch with a member, he talked about how our church callings are not as important as our families. "Your family exalts you, not your calling." I agree 100%, and I am thankful to our Father for giving me such a wonderful family to help me grow. I love you all! Boa semana!

Elder Eric Olsen

ps mom I don't KNOW Elder Burns, but I know who he is!
pps - best part of the week happened just now, that my old comp wrote me an email and told me that Roninha named her dog after me - Olsen! Haha!

Dear family,

Haha you guys are pretty funny, sabia? Mom, I'm unspeakably proud of you for saying y'all! Parabéns! And yes I miss music, but fortunately the girl that runs the lan house is playing Ed Sheeran with all my favorite songs: A Team, Give me Love,. Actually,  probably its unfortunately because we're not supposed to be hearing it haha but what can I do about it right!?

BOM DIA and boa semana to you. It is really something else to read these Hemingway like descriptions of the crisp fall air and a sour apple pie, you are really trying to drive it home huh? haha just kidding, I love to hear about how it is there. It seems to me like you are living the American dream: College football, apple pie, Miss America, leaves almost changing color, só o ouro! The other day I asked my comp: "its spring, right?" and he said "I don't know dude, in Brasil we don't have these things. To me its always summer." hahahaha and seriously it is! Also yes mom if you send a flash drive I can get speakers.

This week my district received 2 new SISTERS!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOH! So now our district has me, my trainee, and 2 duplas of sisters... it will be a wild ride! hahaha. But one just got here from serving in the U.S. for 8 months and the other is from North Dakota and has a really strong American accent! 

I had a cool experience this week, I was wanting to help people. And so I prayed and said to God, "just give me opportunities to serve. I don't even care if it leads them to baptism, although that would be ideal, I just want to go about doing good." And the same day I saw an old guy carrying a bunch of oranges, so we helped him out, taught a lesson, gave him a blessing, and left. He didn't want to go to church or learn more, but still I felt so good afterwards! It was a testimony to me that if we ask for opportunities, God will give them to us. Be it missionary opportunities, opportunities to serve, or whatever. Another day we taught a guy and when we were leaving he said "thank you for coming here. I was feeling alone and sad but with you coming here... now I feel a lot better." So just pray for the opportunities!

Dad it seems like you are a bit trunky, seja feliz! I miss you guys a lot too but whenever I think "wow i'd like to be home with my fam" I realize that I wouldn't really want to be there until after I have finished my work. And then think of how much happier we will all be! :) Just find a balance between Jacobs words (a lonesome and solemn people) and Nephi (And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness).

I miss you and love you muito! Penso em vocês todos os dias. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, know that I am also thinking and praying for you.

Elder Nick Olsen

A member of the ward brought us breakfast

Zona Anápolis!

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