Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 11 from Eric and Nick in Brazil!

First from Nick:

nossa então

Haha first off mom I haven't worn sunscreen a single day since I got here. But everything is good! I haven't got the shot but I will talk to the presidents wife when I see her, what exactly is it? Hep A the second shot or what? And also I finally got the package! And I was all like oh heck yeah there's gonna be a ton of treats, they probably just put religious material so it didn't get stolen! and then i opened it and... hahaha it was funny. But thank you all the same!

The video family moved out of my area so that STINKS because they were my only family actually progressing. sei la I am a little bit discouraged to be honest but it happens. I just will have to push through. The mission leader of the ward said that the culture of brazilieros is to not make committments, which makes missionary work a little bit harder because that's all were trying to do! The Portuguese is coming little by little... by little... by little. But that's just part of the mission I guess, or at least i'm telling myself that it is haha.

Last week for pday, our zone was the highest baptizing in the month so we got to go to a theme park! To be honest, apparently its never happened before and I think its mainly because the zone leader and AP are going home this transfer haha but whatever! So we went to MUTIRAMA and it was super .... funny haha because I've already been to the best places in the world (disney, universal, cedar point) and it was a little bit... less. haha but still fun. 

Also the other day we got to have lunch at the house of the Bishop, and the other elders wanted to see Dad sing. So we watched the Holy City which was super good for me to see, and the Bishop said you were like Pavoratti! But for some reason now he calls me Elder Rico haha não sei.

Do you have Bryan Austins email? Because I wanna talk to him. The church news you sent had stuff about his MTC so I was thinking about him. UGH I wish I had more to tell you but its pretty much routine agora! I love it, but its routine. And difícil. Haha if you want things to pray for, pray for me to learn the language bem rapidão and also for the people here to have their hearts softened. Well, not softened, they're just preguiçoso. "aquele que for preguiçoso não sera considerado digno de permanecer", right?

So today I was reading in the Bible about the Expiação and it was really interesting to me. Jesus Christ, the Son of God mesmo, said "all things are possible to thee, take this cup from me, nevertheless not my will but thine be done" or something to that effect. And it was funny to me because sometimes I pray and say all things are possible unto thee, help me to learn or take this burden from me or make these people believe, things like that. And its true, all things are possible. But if Jesus Christ himself had to endure some things, what would make us entitled to receive a free pass when he didn't? I don't know, sometimes it doesn't make it easier to think that, but it puts you in good company.

Also I don't have Phils email i think but tell him to email me! Im pretty psyched about his scholarship truth be told.

I love y'all, I hope I get to talk with everyone on the Dia das Mães! If you're all there anyway. You might want to have questions prepared or something, I don't really know up to you. But love you.

Elder Nick Olsen

                            I love that Nick and Andrea are both wearing their Piggly Wiggly shirts!

Now from Eric:

Nossa então

Apparently every time there is a dupla of American missionaries, they are repeatedly asked - Vocês são irmãos? Which I never experienced, but now I am with an American, so... Vocês são irmãos? ...Nao.

Infelizmente, we are not having too too much success. Mom, I havent experienced any rich people yet. Apparently there is a rich area here in our area, but my companion doesn't want to go because he says nobody will receive us! He said that once he knocked doors in a rich area for an entire day and only taught one family. and they told him to never come back. So! If I ever teach rich poeple, I will let you know

We have one investigator, Leidiane, that told us we were angels sent from heaven! ...She might have been a tiny bit intoxicated at the time, but still! She is progresing really well and believes all that we teach her. She was sick yesterday though so she didnt go to church with us... And she lives with her brother, who doesnt want us meeting with her anymore in his house. So we have to teach in the house of a member. Just goes to show that the adversary will do everything to discourage people.

Aqui futbol é tudo. And the team that todo mundo torce é flamengos - a team in rio. AND yesterday they beat their rival in a jogo. It was a glimpse of the world cup, I think. Everyone was in the streets yelling, excited, music blaring... it was a good thing we had an appointment or we would have gone home! Não é fácil.

Elder Mason has a reputation to make his companions work until they drop. Which is good! I like to work hard. He also likes to sing showtunes. Honestly it is super difficult to not speak english all the time, and we end up speaking way more than we should. But Portuguese is progressing... little.....bylittle............by little. Also, we might receive two more missionaries in our area this transfer! Sei la. I think either we will receive more missionaries or one of us will be transferred. 

Sometimes it is difficult to feel the Spirit. Sometimes we have to work for it. But I testify that the Lord will always come in the hour of need. Yesterday in Sacreament meeting we were nearing the end, and I felt horrible about my abilities as a missionary. As the closing prayer started, I said a little prayer of y own - I asked for strength and ability to do what is necessary. And right then the orator said - Abençoes cada missionario em cada parte do mundo. He hears us. I love Him. And I love you all. Please pray for me, and pleasse pray for the people here. Especially Leidiane!

Elder Eric Olsen

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